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Maraudeur, KC 34007
à jour au:
1975 Plan C&C, built by C&C Yacht in GRP


1975 17 April, A new challenger for the Canada's Cup, Marauder, sets sails for her home in Toronto, the Royal Canadian Yacht Club

24 April "Toronto Star",

Canada's Cup: 2e/2, David HOWARD
, Royal Canadian Yacht Club

Late 1977 Sold to a syndicate, Chuck Bentley was the manager of the syndicate and hands on. Peter Farlinger held the largest portion of the ownership among the 8 owners. And new name,
Magistry, KC 34007
End of December, delivery passage from Charleston to Ft. Lauderdale

From Geoffrey 2023 "I was navigator for the delivery passage from Charleston to Ft. Lauderdale, late 1977 to into 78. New Years was somewhere off St. Augustine, celebrated by the 2 of us onboard who were awake, and about 6
dolphins playing quarterwake in the phosphorescence. (The other 6 onboard were useless being sea-sick.) Didn't do much navigating, lots of steering watch and watch. The navigating was not really difficult: it's near as makes no difference 400 nm 180 degrees magnetic from the outer bouy at Charleston to the outer bouy at Ft. Lauderdale. About the top of Florida the coast comes to you, so stay inshore out of the Stream and don't run aground. Oh wait! No electrics so no depthsounder... VHF only by way of a cut down extension cord directly from the battery to the radio! And strong northerlys going into the east throughout, so very rough in the stream. Magistry was a Great Lakes boat designed for match racing, and had a number, no a large number, of holes in the deck which allowed water, no a large amount of water, into the hull in wet conditions. Plus an electrical system which incorporated not a single bit of thought towards water proofing and segregation of the system.... AND a perfectly flat floor without a sump, so that as little as one litre of water or diesel oil was absolutely guaranteed to slosh around without limit or restriction. Not a nice boat to do more than daysail. You know: daysailing, where if it is cold, you return to a hot shower and a hot rum toddy, and if it is hot, you return to a cool shower, or even a swim, and a cold beer. You sleep in a dry stable bed and you do not have to wake up every hour to navigate

1978 Chi-Mac: ?e/??
Picture and comment from Facebook 2023, "start of the 78 Chi-Mac",

1979 SORC, Florida: ?e/??
Picture from Facebook 2023,

August, Admiral's Cup: ?e/57, Canadian Team: 18e/19, Rating 32.0', C. BENTLEY
Picture from Facebook 2021

From Facebook 2023, "One of the few boats to finish the 79 Fastnet. Then they sailed it back to Canada"