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Mandrake, I ????
à jour au: 2021
197? Plan S&S, built by ? in aluminium


Not built as Two Tonners


1975 August, Admiral's Cup, Cowes: 27e/63, Italian Team: 19e/21, Dr G. CARRIERO
Including Fastnet race, elapsed time 105h58': 11e/74 Classe I

1976 19 mars, Semaine de Gênes: 8e/8 Classe I
April, SNIM, Marseille: 1er/12 Classe 1,
Mai "Les Cahiers du Yachting",

1977 New Spain owners El Duke De Arión + Juan Carlos, and new name
Azahara, E 6330
April, SNIM, Marseille: 5e/12 Classe 1, Duke De Arión
May "Régate",

August, Admiral's Cup, Cowes: 25e/54, Spanish Team: 9e/18
, rating 37.2', Duke De Arión
Octobre "Bateaux",

Picture from Facebook 2021,

???? New owner

???? New owner

2021 From Facebook "Found this beauty in CA - USA in run down state. Restored her back in Norway - sailed her 24/7 - for years. Absolute fantastic S&S 49. Started out as the Italian I.O.R two tonner ”Mandrake” Sold to Spain Owner El Duke De Arión + Juan Carlos 1 ”Azahara” several Admirals Cup - Fastnet- now sailing in the waters of Sweden with new Owner!!"