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Liz of Hanko, K 2507
à jour au: 2013
1977 Plan Amble, Built by Souters in Cowes in wood, sister of "Miss Dawnie"

1977 January, exhibited at the London Earls Court boatshow
August, Admiral's Cup, Cowes: 11e/57, Norwegian Team: 13e/19, rating 32.1', GODAGER

19?? New owner, based Lymington, and new name,

19?? New owner, and renamed,
Liz of Hanko, K 2507,

1991 Jespersen Boat Builders Ltd (Located at Canoe Cove Marina, Sidney, BC Canada) : 2-Ton cruising conversion

2013 From "Woooden Boat Magazine", Owner Name: Patricia M. Maxwell, Home Port: Blaine, WA

Pictures and comments from Facebook 2020, Eric Jespersen "I converted Liz to be a cruising boat sometime in the early 90’s. Shortened the cockpit by removing the coffee grinder and extended the deck aft. Removed the hydraulic drive and installed a V drive gear. Added a simple interior arrangement. She is on her third owner since then. Still bright finished and well loved. Liz spent 15 or so years in Seattle before she was modified. I am on Vancouver island and the work was done for Karl Svenson, a Swede living in Canada. She has been in Canada since."