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Noryema, K 150
à jour au:
1979 Plan Frers, built by Joyce Marine of Lymington in aluminium


Not built as Two Tonner


1979 August, Admiral's Cup: 55e/57, Brasilian Team: 19e/19, rating 37.8', S. HAYNES
Including Fastnet Race: DNS

19?? New owner, and new name,
Hesperia III, K 150

Pictures from Facebook 2022,

???? New owner, and new name,
Killary Flyer, IRL 933

2000(?) New owner, Jamie YOUNG

2002 Based in Killary, when she arrived from Spain.

2003 Refurbished

2007 2 june, Azores and Back Yacht Race, Falmouth: 26 (elapsed 7d12h42') - 30 (elapsed 7d19h52') = ?e/46, coeff 1.094, Jamie YOUNG

2012 Round Rockall Race, 800 mile return trip race from Galway around Rockall, Ireland: 2?e/?, Jamie YOUNG

2013 North Of Disko, Galway to Greenland

2014 5th April, from Facebook 2022 "She's a big boat to be hauling on a slip in a remote corner of Mayo. Early December beside Killary Fjord, and Jamie Young of the Adventure Centre with Deirdre and Dickie Gomes and the Frers 49 Killary Flyer ashore for the winter. Deirdre was a fulltime member of the boat's crew when Dickie successfully skippered her offshore as Brian Buchanan's Hesperia IV. Photo: W M Nixon"

Picture from Marine Traffic,

2021 29 January, Jamie Young is the first Irish entry in the Global Solo Challenge
Model: IOR 2 Ton - 1979 - 14.7 M - alloy - MH sloop. Frers Design. Year built: 1979 LOA: 48.3, Displacement: 14,100 kgs,
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Jamie Young: "I have owned Killary Flyer for over 20 of her 40 odd years and have full confidence in her to keep us both safe and do well in a RTW. She was built in UK by a company called ‘Joyce Marine’ of Lymington – disappeared – of alloy to a Frers design as a 2 ton IOR class boat. Being alloy – which was a conscious choice – I regard her as nearly 100% recyclable, as long as she keeps floating! – and that will be part of my campaign message. Renew – reuse – repair instead of constant use of the planets diminishing resources. She will be a handful at times but I plan to improve systems and make her easier to sail for a pensioner on the principle of ‘Any fool can be uncomfortable’. Are there other boats I would like – maybe – but it is not really a critical factor."