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Juno IV, K 505
à jour au: 2021
1989 Plan Castro, built by Killan Bush


1989 Kiel week: ?e/??
Photos D. Bourgeois, archives de la revue "Bateaux",

August, Admiral's Cup: 26 - 24 - 11 - 20 - 11 - 12 = 13e/42, UK Team: 1er/14, rating 35.17', A. M. PEACOCK
October "Seahorse",

"Sydney-Hobart Official Programme",

December, Southern Cross:
?e/??, UK Team: 1er/?,
Including 26 Decembre, Sydney Hobart: DNF/108,

1990 Setimana Del Boque, Sardinia: 1st/??
Kings Cup Spain: 2nd/??
September, Sardinia Cup: 2nd/??

1991 Juillet "Regate",

Bimblegumbie, K 505
August, Admiral's Cup: 7 - 7 - 7 - 6 - 7 - 3 = 7e/8 TT, Australian Team: 8e/8, K. JACOBS
Picture from Derek S. Facebook 2021,

Picture from Facebook 2016,

19?? New owner and new name,
Scarlett, ? ????

From RB Sailing Blog 2022, "Juno IV was converted in the early 1990’s in private ownership to a cruiser/racer specification with easier deck gear to allow her to be easily sailed two-handed."

From Facebook 2021, "The carbon fibre Castro 2 Tonner Juno got the once over and renamed 'Scarlett' did a few seasons racing"

3 New owner and back to her original name,
Juno IV, K 8217T

2014 May, pictures from

Renaissance Trophy: 1st/?? Classic Racing Yachts A (9.6m and above)
Field Barnacle: 1st/??
From "After 14 years of retirement from racing, she was entered into Round the Island 2014. Our results are: Winner of the Renaissance Trophy for First Classic Racer to finish and Winner of the Field Barnacle for First Classic Racer across the line."

2015 Field Barnacle: 1st/??
19 June, Morgan Cup Race, elapsed time 21h06': 90e/103 IRC
27 June, Round the Island Race: on entrants list (Classic Racing Yacht (ISCRS) LOA 9.6m and over)
10 July, Cowes-Dinard-St Malo Race, elapsed time 20h53': 127e/154 IRC
16 August, Rolex Fastnet Race, 607 NM', elapsed time 4d06h39' temps réel: 224e/309 IRC overall, IRC: 1.124, Peter BURWOOD
4 September, Cherbourg Race: DNF/55 IRC

2016 2 July, Round Around Island: ?e/??
6 August, Cowes Week: 19e/25 Cruiser 1

2017 1 July, Round The Island Race, elapsed time 8h01': 16e/29 Classic Racing

2019 The original aluminium mast is replaced with a carbon-fibre version

2021 3 July, Round the Island Race: DNC/30 Classic Racing Yachts