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Jack Knife, US ???
à jour au: 2018
1977 Plan Holland, built by Kiwi boats shipyard


None of this information confirms that it is the same boat:

Pictures below from Facebook 2021: "Jackknife at launching at Snead Island Boat Works , Florida";

1977 February, SORC, Florida: 4e/?? Classe D, J.J. GREENBERG
Picture from Facebook 2022, "better days. 1977, Ron Holland steering"

1979 10 March, Jamaica Race, 811 NM: ?e/8

1983 February, SORC, Florida: ?e/??
April "Yachting", extracts,

Comment and picture from Facebook 2022
"Don’t remember the year, but the boat was pooped in Port Everglades inlet returning after a cancelled start to the Ft Lauderdale> Key West Race, and was extensively damaged. At some point, the stern was lengthened into a long V...don’t know when. It was a lovely boat, but not particularly fast, it was obsolete as soon as Imp was launched. Boat is in extremely rough condition now, suitable only for landfill."

2018 July, Info and pictures from Sailing Anarchy Forum,

Comment and picture from Facebook, "Ron Holland designed Admiral’s Cup 44 from 1980 81",