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Incredible, US
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197? Plan Peterson design #033, built by

(Design 33s include Williwaw, Big Schott, Blue Norther, Champagne, Moonshin)


1977 Big Boat Series, San Francisco: 2nd/??

1978 Big Boat Series: 2nd/??

1979 OYRA Danforth Series, Fall series: ?e/??, Crys LESON
IORDA Danforth Series: ?e/?? Division A

From D Peterson Facebook page 2020, "Photo courtesy the Diane Beeston Archive at the San Francisco Yacht Club"

Previously it had cruised the world

201? New owner, Robert Hodge and new name, and moored at shillshole in Seattle
Monsoon, US 8552

Picture from Internet,

2018 June, The r2ak: ?e/??