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I-Punkt, G 3443
à jour au: 2023
1985 Plan Judel-Vrolijk, build by Schütz/Y.W. Wedel


From RB Sailing: "The new yacht, I-Punkt, was considered as as a 'Mk III' of the original Judel/Vrolijk 42 mould that had first been developed for the 1983 Admiral's Cup, being lighter than her sisters with reduced freeboard and sail area, and rated 32.0ft IOR (incidentally, the name I-Punkt translates in German as "the dot on the i", as in being 'on point')." "The Judel/Vrolijk 42 I-Punkt (1985). I-Punkt was built in just four weeks by Udo Schutz and Yachtwerf Wedel and was launched just three days before the start of the German trials. Her Nomex hull was baked by Schutz using the Container steel plug, and after leaving the plug the hull was pressed together to achieve a narrower waterline beam, and freeboard was cut down by 100mm. Her displacement was about 400kg less than Container, and sail area was reduced to achieve a Sail Hull Ratio of 16.1. To reach the required waterline length, the engine was moved forward and the afterbody was radically lightened. While she showed good light-air performance, the lack of tuning and preparation was evident, and, along with her sisterships, I-Punkt failed to make the German team and instead the trio sailed for Austria in the 1985 Admiral's Cup. Pinta was the only one of the team to really fire, finishing 12th overall. Both Container and I-Punkt retired from the windy Fastnet race which dragged the Austrian team to eighth overall in the final standings. "

1985 July "Seahorse",

August, Admiral's Cup: 12e/54, Austia Team: 8e/18, rating: 32.0', Will ILLBRUCK

???? New owner and new flag,
I-Punkt, SUI 3443

Pictures from Facebook,

2023 April, from Facebook "I-Punkt 85 as seen in a boatyard in Thunersee, Switzerland",