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Madcap, US ????
Last update:
1977 Plan Bruce King, built by

1977 Owner, Charlie

1982 New owner,
From Facebook 2023
"Madcap about 1982. My brother owned it from 82-84. We did quite well in the Mackinac races with it. A great light air boat but a broaching fool off wind in a blow."

1984 New owner,

Hawkeye, US ????
Last update: 1980
1980? Plan Bruce King, built by Driscoll Custom Boats in aluminium


Not Built as Two Tonner

1978 Pictures and comment from Facebook 2021 "Pan Am Clipper Cup,"

In Kaneohe Bay,

1980 Big Boat Series, San Francisco: ?e/??, Harmon HAWKINS

Comment from Facebook 2021: "think Hawkeye was a dual dagger board boat. Sister to Aggressive II. I might be wrong though" and "Is this same Hawkeye that sailed out of the Cleveland area in the mid to late 1980s." and pictures from Phil Uhl

From a US Magazine without date...