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Gonnagitcha, US 12033
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1976 Plan Mull, built by ?, Length: 46.2'

1977 Owner, M.L. Cashion, NewOrleans
SORC, Florida: 6e/?? ttc & 2e/?? Class B, O.J. YOUNG
January-June "Boating", (but not sure she is really Gonnagitcha!?):

Comment from Facebook 2022 "Feb. 14 1977 "The hot new boats in Classes B and C—where the liveliest action is—are called Imp, Gonnagitcha, Jack Knife, Bootlegger, Big Schott, Love Machine and Sweet Okole." By Nassau we new Ron had a breakthrough with Imp."

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197? Donated to the US Naval Academy, and renamed,
Reprisal, US 20771

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1987 New owner, ??, and new name,
Carrot, US 20771

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2020 10 October, GSA Northern Bay Regatta: DNS/10, Ed CILUMBRELLO

2022 Comments from Facebook 2022 "I sailed on this 47-foot IOR warhorse named Reprisal back in 1980-81. She was. Originally named Gonnagitcha. Later bought by private owners and renamed Carrot. She usually did better than expected."
"the Academy renamed her Reprisal. I raced on her 84-85 when she was owned by John Howell. fun boat. Somewhere there's a photo of her doing Gov Cup with kite and blooper up. She was a bit of a light air weapon. The Howells kept the boat on Spa Creek on a dock at the end of Burnside St.."
"She still sails Wednesday night out of Middle River. I've crewed on the boat since the mid nineties with Ed Cilumrello The current owner Who is had here since around 1987"