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Golden Leigh, IR 222
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197? Plan Holland, built by ? in wood,

1977 August, Admiral's Cup: 34e/57, Irish Team: 8e/19, rating 32.4', CORDIMER
Picture from Facebook 2019,

Isora: 9e/16 Div A1

1978 Isora: 8e/18 Div A1

1979 Isora: 7e/16 Div A1

1980 Isora: 7e/24 Div A1

Pictures from Facebook 2019,

Pictures from Andrew 2020,

Picture from Facebook 2023,

???? Picture and comment from Facebook 2019, "Golden Leigh with her new paint job just prior to her wrecking".

Comment and picture from Facebook 2021, Golden Leigh "She was wrecked 2 days after this launch in Wicklow in Hurricane Charlie"