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Goodbye Girls, US 15555
Last Update:
1980 Plan Peterson, Serendipity 43 built by New Orleans Marine

"Goodbye Girl sail # 15555, was built for and first owned by Jim Bozell, from MHYC in cleveland, Ohio. I supervised construction in Costa Mesa Cal, in early 1980. Tom Dreyfus flew out to mount and fair the keel, Jim Pugh then with Peterson, also looked in on const. The boat was shipped to Jim's plant in Ohio, where it was finished, and loaded on its own lowboy semi trailer. She hit the water flying, (I was on board as sailing master), and won everything in 1980; Lake Erie Race, Class A PH Mac, Lake Erie Boat of the Year, etc. Jim Bozell's illness forced her sale to Herb Finley, and I delivered the boat to Fla., in Jan 1981. She went on to many wins, and renamed "Chesapeak", won class at Key West a decade later."

1980 Owner Jim Bozell
Lake Erié race: 1st/??
Lake Erié Boat of the Year

1981 February, SORC, Florida: ?e/??

1982 Fort Lauderdale to Key West Race: ?e/??
February, SORC, Florida: ?e/??
Janvier 1983 "Les Cahiers du Yachting",

1986 New owner Seward Lawlor and new name,
Chesapeake, US 15555

1990-1993 "I was her navigator during 1990-1993. Highlights include winning Fall & Spring series in Annapolis, Race Weeks in Block Island, Soloman's Island and Key West, and the Maryland Governor's Cup (overall)."

1992 Key West Race Week: 1st/??

1996 New owner,