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Golden Dazy, US 15155
Last update: 2003
1975 Plan Holland, built by Gougeon Brothers of Bay City, Michigan


1975 Canada's Cup: winner, Don CRINER
John Bertrand, tactician on Golden Dazy at Canada's Cup 1975: "An interesting development of the match racing was the blooper jibing by Dazy. This is how it was done:", from North Sails Dec 1975 by Ron Holland Design

197? New owner and new name:
Reduced the rig by two feet.

197? Donated to a maritime academy in New York

1978 For Sale

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1979 New owners, Steele and Bruce Hill, name back to
Golden Dazy, US 15155
sea trials that were done on Lake Champlain

1980 Onion Patch Series, New York: ?e/??
Bermuda Race: ?e/??
Cruising back to Lake Champlain
Ladies Cup Regattas: 1st/??, Carol

1981 Ladies Cup: 1st/??

1983 Ladies Cup: 1st/??

1988 Ladies Cup: 1st/??

Late 80's The Mayor’s Cup, Plattsburgh: 1st/??

1990 Circa: ?e/??, "Running with Full Sail and Blooper",

1998 Ladies Cup: 1st/??

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Lot of Wednesday Night Race, "We’d go out on the Wednesday Night Races right up to the end of 2002."

"Daisy was raced on Lake Champlain by Bruce Hill for 20 or so years"

2003 New owners, Geoff Rand and Anne Grimes
September 10, Golden Dazy was loaded onto a truck headed for Massachusetts

From Facebook 2022, "Red Breast -Hood 2 Ton aka Brandywine - vs Golden Dazy on Lake Champlain. Fun days"

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