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Flamboyant, US 67444
à jour au:
197? Plan Peterson design #091, built by ?

197? From Facebook 2021 "It was built for someone else, who for whatever reason couldn’t follow through, so the hull and deck sat at Eichenlaub’s for a while, Barney then bought it.
It wasn't too long that it was without an owner, and not like it was all fully complete...

From D Peterson Facebook page 2020, "Doug's personal boat for quite a few years. Photo courtesy Dick Foat"

From Facebook 2021, "Flamboyant was a light to medium air machine! Doug Peterson bought the boat from the Flams, and he let me drive it in a Hot Rum series, which we won. I loved that boat, and if I was just a little bit crazier than I am now, I would come take this thing and get it fighting shape!"

Forte, US 67666
à jour au: 1987
197? Plan Peterson design #091, built by ?, "Flamboyant" sister ship


1980 February, SORC, Florida: 3e/??,

Newport to Ensenada: 5e/?? IOR A

???? New owner and new name,
Irrationnal, US

1981 Keefe-Kilbourne: 3e.??
StFYC/SFYC SF Cup: 1er Division B

1982 StFYC/SFYC SF Cup: 1er Division B
StFYC Stone Cup: 1er Division B
August, Pan Am Clipper cup: 23 - 27 - 13 - 31 - 15 = 14e/60 Overall, US Red Team: 8e/11, Jaren LEET
September, US Magazine "Latitude 38", rating 32.1',

From D Peterson Facebook page 2020,

1987 Richmond YC Big Daddy Regatta: 2e/?? Dividsion A, BOYDEN/DONOVAN
April "Latitude 38",

Ano Nuevo Race: 5e/?? Dividsion A
April "Latitude 38",

December, Golden Gate's Midwinter: 3e/4 IOR 1

1995  Doublehanded Transpac: ?e/??
From Facebook 2021 "Irrational with a friend doublehanded Transpac in 1995. she ended up sunk in Hawaii"