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Duende Rojo, E 2525
à jour au: 2024
1985 Plan Joubert, built by Astilleros Bianca (Dinamarca)


Owner Jacinto Rodríguez

Anquin's Too, E
1986 September, Sardinia Cup: 3e/??, Spanish Team: 3e/??

1987 June "Seahorse",

Copa Del Rey, Palma: ?e/??
Picture from Facebook 2020,

August, Admiral's Cup: ?e/42, Spanish Team: 10e/14
Fastnet Departure, picture from Facebook,

Duende, E 2525

1995 Copa Del Rey: ?e/??, Argentinean crew under the name Duende Terminator

1996 February, XXIe Interclubs Zona Centre, Barcelona: ?e/11 Groupo Cr, J.J. RODRIGUEZ

1997 February, XXIIe Interclubs Zona Centre, Barcelona: 4e/11 R3

1998 February, XXIIIe Interclubs Zona Centre, Barcelona: ?e/?? IMS/C

1999 New owner and new name,
Nuba II, E 2525
February, XXIVe Interclubs Zona Centre, Barcelona: 3e/13 Grup 2, ESCALAS

2000 February, XXVe Interclubs Zona Centre, Barcelona: 1er/12 Grup 3, ESCALAS/CALVERAS

20?? 41° Trofeo Conde de Godo: ?e/??
Picture from race website,

2020 April, For sale, Prototipo 2 Tonner Ex Duende Rojo, Voilier de croisière/régate de l'année 1985 de 13m de longueur à Club Nautico de Arenys, Barcelone (Espagne), 35.000 €, Lieu: Club Nautico de Arenys, Barcelone (Espagne), Nom : Nuba II (Ex Duende Rojo), Pavillon: Española, Constructeur: Astilleros Bianca (Dinamarca), Matériel: Fibre de verre, Largeur: 4 m, Tirant d'eau: 2,65 m, Déplacement: 7180 Kg

2024 February, For Sale 1985 Bianca NUBA II, Old Two Tonner very competitive. Two Tonner Prototype The NUBA II boat is a Marconi sloop-rigged sailboat, designed by Joubert-Nivelt and built at the Danish Bianca Yacht shipyard, launched in June 1985 under the name Anquin's Two. She has changed owners four times, also changing her name to Duende and the current Nuba II. She puts it up for sale, the fourth owner who has kept the name. The two tonner designation comes from the IOR, with a rating of 34.5 feet and a length of 42-44 feet. With the current ORC, she is in group 2 with a CDL of 10,761. It must be taken into account that it is a unique prototype specially designed for the competition, premiered that year in the Admiral's Cup, with a solid Kevlar fiber construction that has survived to this day in excellent condition. She does not present any structural or hull problems. The shipowners have been making modifications to keep it competitive, more livable and to keep it up to standards. Length 43.60ft, €38,000,