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Dollar Equity, KZ 5955
Last update: 1985
1985 Plan Farr #151, 43' built by Coockson, New Zealand

Picture and comment from RB Sailing Blog, "Dollar Equity came off the same Cookson mould as Switchblade and Thunderbird but featured a completely different keel"


Not build as Two Tonners


1985 September, beginning of construction
14 November, launched
December "The Rip",

1986 Kenwood Cup: ?e/??, New Zealand Team: ?e/??
Picture from RB Sailing Blog,

Sold to Japan and new name,

Mi Mi, J 3135

1988 Kenwood Cup: ?e/??, Japan Team: ?e/??
Picture from RB Sailing Blog, "Mimi (ex-Dollar Equity) in action during the 1988 Kenwood Cup (photo Sharon Green | Ultimate Sailing)"

1990 From "1990 Kenwood Cup program",

1992 Hiroshima, pictures from RB Sailing Blog, "Where is MIMI, ex Dollar Equity nowadays? Last seen sailing in Hiroshima, Japan, in 1992",