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Dida Quinta, I 8223
à jour au: 1981
1978 Plan Peterson design #023, built by Ambrosini in aluminium

"Yena, I 7152" Sister ship


1978 Comment and picture From Facebook 2021, "Yena Dida V Douglas Peterson Two tonners on their way to Punta Ala from Trasimeno lake (Spring 1978)"

September, Sardinia Cup: 1st/??,
From Facebook 2022
"DIDA, Peterson Two Ton, Design #63, Overall Winner 1978 Sardinia Cup. The shift in Doug's Big Boat thinking, away from the pintails for good. If anyone is ever talking about the tortured shapes of IOR boats show them this photo and ask, "Where?""

Octobre "Uomo Mare",

1980 20 mars, Semaine d'Alassio: ?e/?? Classe II
Giraglia: 2e/?? Classe II, CALENDRIELLO

1981 Semaine d'Alassio: 3-1-5-2 = 3e/16 Classe II, CALENDRIELLO
14 juillet, Giraglia: 2e/21 Classe II
Semaine des Bouches, Costa Smeralda: 3e/? Classe II, LENZI
12 septembre, Two Tonner Cup, Costa Smeralda: 11 - 12 - 1 - 9 - 7 = 5e/17, M. HOLM, rent by french team

Picture of "Yena", her sister ship ??,

1987 New Owner, and new name,
Golf, I 8223

2013 21 juin, ORCi Worlds, Ancone, Italie: ?e/59 ORC Class A, Marco ROSSI/Giuseppe GIARDINI

2014 Seen on Racing Boat List, GPH 2014: 629.78;
Pictures from One Ton Class Facebook,

2015 Civitanova - Sebenico: 11e/14 IRC, Gabriele GIARDINI

2016 30 juin, Civitanova Sebenico, 106NM: DNF/28, Gabriele GIARDINI

2020 Pictures from Facebook