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Marionette IX, K 985
à jour au: 2023
1985 Plan Dubois/Humphrey, built by Killian Bushe


Not built as Two Tonners


1985 July "Seahorse",

August, Admiral's Cup: ?e/42, Singapore Team: 6e/16, rating 33.9', C.A.F. DUNNING
Photos Le Cossec, Archives de la revue "Bateaux",

1986 RORC Class 1: 3e/? Classe I, C.A.F. DUNNING
Hunting Group Solent Points Champ., Early Series: 1er/?? Class 1
Sardinia Cup: ?e/??, UK Team: 1er/??
November "Seahorse",

198? New owner, new flag and new name,
Comanche Raider,
IRL 985

From "The Pictures above shows the yacht leaving Lymington in the morning to go racing in the Solent"

1987 Pre Admirals Cup Regatta, Lymington: ?e/??
Race Week: 4e/62 IOR, Norbert & Patrick RIELLY
Irish Sea Offshore Racing Association: 12e/74 Class Overall IOR

1988 Round Ireland yacht race: 10e/50 IOR, elapsed time 5d05h42', rating 1.0555, Norbert & Patrick RIELLY
Irish Sea Offshore Racing Association: 4e/?? Class Overall IOR

1989 Irish Sea Offshore Racing Association: 5e/11 Class 1 IOR, Norbert & Patrick RIELLY

1990 Round Ireland yacht race: 6e/35 IOR, elapsed time 129h46', Norbert & Patrick RIELLY

199? New owner, Roy Hamilton

1994 Round Ireland yacht race: DNF/53, rating 1.125, Roy HAMILTON

Pictures from Andrew Steenson, received in 2020,

2006 22 October, Middle Sea Race: ??e/??

2007 26 October, Middle Sea Race: ??e/??, Jonas DIAMANTINO (Boat sixth Rolex Middle Sea Race)

2017 For Sale Ex - Marionette IX, 1st owner Chris Dunning. Complete refurbishment of Interior and deck 2007. Interior and all deck fittings removed and serviced. Comanche raider is an extremely strong and well built boat, she has been regularly raced so all equipment is in good working order, except the boom vang which needs replacement. Easy conversion to a comfortable 3 cabin 6 berth fast cruiser. Comanche Raider, Two tonner Year 1986, Hull material Carbon, Located Holland, Price at request, Flag maltesse

2018 New owners

2022 January, From Facebook "As she looks now",

September, received from the owners "We bought, and rebuild Marionette IX in the year 2018. She was in a desastreous condition. The boat is well, and sailing again, however she did not do racing this year. We hope to get her to this stage next year again."

New Name,
Comment and pictures from Facebook "Interstellar, sitting in winter storage in Greifswald, Germany. To me she looks like a Judel / Vrolijk One Ton from the early eighties. This might not be her original keel. Also note the full beam traveller track on deck level, not on the cockpit floor."

"Marionette K985 was in the same yard a short while back."

2023 February, from the owners, "We renamed "Marionette IX" to "Interstellar". She is pure white again. We are actually slowly and carefully rebuilding"