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Caiman II, K 294
à jour au: 2021
1981 Plan Peterson #106, built by J. Rodgers


1981 July "Seahorse",

Admiral's Cup: ?e/57, Bermuda Team: 16e/16, rating 32.8', G. JEELOF
Picture from Faceook 2021,

From Alamy website,

1983 24 June, Morgan Cup: 1er/?? Class 1
"Voiles et Voiliers" Septembre,

August, Admiral's Cup: 28e/45, ? Team: ?e/15, rating ?', ??

1984 September, Sardinia Cup: ?e/48, ? Team: 6e/16, rating 32.3', G. JEELOF
Photo Gilles Martin-Raget, Archives de la revue "Bateaux",

1985 July "Seahorse",

Admiral's Cup 85: ?e/54,
Netherlands Team: 11e/18, rating 32,1', G. JEELOF
Photos Le Cossec, Archives de la revue "Bateaux",

RORC Coastal Round Up:
1er/?? Class I
November "Seahorse",

1991 Flevo Race, Ijsselmeer: ?e/??

2008 Caiman Atlantic Rally for Cruisers: ?e/??

2012 "Caiman recognised far away from home in English Harbour Antigua, Nelson’s dockyard 2012"

2013 ARC Transat: ?e/??

2014 June, Comment and picture from Facebook 2023, "Caiman goes splash again at Saõ Miguel for her voyage back home to Amsterdam, thereby completing the Atlantic circle..."

2021 Picture and comment from Facebook, "It is the Dutch Caiman. Doug Peterson 43ft. Now she is in Holland, Amsterdam",

2023 February, from Facebook Jan Leerling "My father bought her around 1987 upon the advise of his friend Ben de Ruyter, a renowned Whitbread Race participant. From Ben my father, four sons (and many many friends) learned how to sail her and in doing so we sailed her for more than thirty years in and out of competition around Europe, the North Atlantic, the Carribean and back. Recently my youngest brother Marten Peter Leerling became its new owner and she is currently lying in Amsterdam. For more information also see:"