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Barnacle Bill, KZ 1710
Last update: 2023
197? Plan S&S, built by Keith Dobson in wood

From followtheboat website "Barnacle Bill, a New Zealand built S&S designed one off Admirals Cup yacht was sold to finance the start up of Nordbaelt yachts. Built from the few remaining Kauri trees the Royal Navy hadn’t cut down in the 19th century."

1973 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

December, Southern Cross Cup: ?e/??, New Zealand Team: ?e/9
Including 26 December, Sydney-Hobart: 13e/92 IOR, 3d12h33' elapsed time, D. JOHNSTONE

1975 Admiral's Cup: 19e/57, New Zealand Team: ?e/19, Rating 31.7', Ray HEYLAR

197? New owner, J.R. DIRKSEN

1977 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

December, Southern Cross Cup: ?e/??, New Zealand Team B: ?e/13
Including 26 December, Sydney-Hobart: 25e/128 IOR, 5d01h05' elapsed time, TCF .8045, J.R. DIRKSEN

From followtheboat website 2012 "My father James Dirksen bought the Yacht after Ron passed away. We inherited the crew and continued racing for N.Z. , my father skippered her in the 1977 Southern cross cup. We were on the B team. Barnacle was a little outdated compared to other yachts at that time and we didn’t do so well. Still, the Auckland team kept the cup for N.Z. My father retired her from racing and with my mom sister and myself we sailed the south pacific for 2 years before sailing to Australia were we lived for the next 4 years. MY father moved to England and after 8 years passed away from cancer. She was sold to, i don’t know. On my Facebook page I’m currently making an Album of the years we had her. I also have tons of News paper articles and the Yacht World magazine when she was built and named Yacht of the year. The steps on the mast and the cutter rig was done by my father. Actually a lot of modifications were made before our ocean voyage by my father and my mother too."

Picture from Facebook 2024 "Ron Jarden at the helm",

2000 New owner, Jon and Linda Wilkins resident in the UK

2012 Coming back to NZ

2018 In the Azores, Santa Maria

2023 In the Azores, Santa Maria, "She is still loved and cared for by her skipper"

From followtheboat website 2024,