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Apollo V, KA R 199
à jour au: 2023
1981 Plan Peterson, built by J Rodgers in UK


1981 January/February "Seahorse",

Australian Admirals Cup Trials: ?e/??
April "Offshore",

August, Admiral's Cup: 12 - 10 - 24 - 5 - 38 = ?e/48, Australian Team: 9e/16, rating 33.0', A. BOND
Including Fastnet race: 38e/46

September "Bateaux",

1982 February, SORC, Florida: ?e/??,

Janvier 1983 "Les Cahiers du Yachting",

1983 Transpac Race, elapsed time 12d11h05': 49e/61 IOR Overall, Apollo V Racing

1985 Transpac Race, elapsed time 13d12h28': 9e/63 IOR Overall, Hugh BENNETH

Picture from Facebook 2022,

Pictures from Facebook 2023, "Post 1981 Admirals Cup as she was originally tiller steered."

???? New owner, and new flag,
Apollo V, US

Comment from Facebook 2023, "AV was sold off to the US and was converted to cruising and is now all white. There was a post on Sailing Anarchy a few years back".
"Back in the day when she was rebuilt after crashing into Pt Loma coming home from Transpac it was found out that the hull was purposely built asymmetric with a bias to be faster on Stbd tack!!"

1999 Transpac Race, elapsed time ??': ?e/??, Ned KNIGHT
From 2009 forum
"Apollo V is a Peterson 43 located in San Diego and owned by Ned Knight that competed in the 1999 Transpac"

Picture from Facebook 2022,

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