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Aggressive, US 5156
à jour au: 1974
1972 Plan Carter, Carter 42 #1, built by Storebrö Bruks


From Facebook 2022: storebropassion: "The Carter 42 was a 2-tonner and was built under the new IOR rules for a consortium represented by Frank Piku to defend the Canada Cup for America. The first ship was the "Aggressive", completely designed as a flush deck"

1972 US Selection for Canada's Cup: 2e/3
From Facebook 2022: "Analogous to the America's Cup, two ships competed in direct match races. In the elimination races, the "Aggressive" of Grosse Point Y.C. sailed against the "Dynamite" of Bayview Y.C.. Although the "Aggressive" led for a long period, she got into a lull shortly before the finish and was beaten by the "Dynamite", which then competed for America for the Canada Cup."
August "Neptune Nautisme",

1974 7 September, Two Ton Cup, San Remo: 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 = 1er/8, F, F. PIKU & D. GAMBLE
Décembre "Bateaux",

Pictures from Facebook 2022,

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