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Agape, US 6020
à jour au:
1977 Plan Holland, built by


1978 February, SORC, Florida: 22e/?? Classe, (dismated in 1st race),
Canada Cup, Lac Saint Clair: loser
, Terry COLHER
Picture from RB Sailing Blog 2014,

???? New owner, and new name,
US ?????

Comment from Facebook 2022, Nick Bray "I wrote about this on another post, and if I’m wrong I would love to be corrected. For a while, my family owned and we sailed/raced the sister ship of Imp, Agape.
The two were built for the 1978 (?) Canada’s Cup. Imp was chosen over Agape to compete, and lost. The way I heard it, the conditions ended up favoring Agape.  Anyway, it’s impossible to take away from the success of Imp, her track record is breathtaking…. But damn, double handing Agape (then, MATRIARCH) with my dad was a hell of a ride
"Was in Charleston SC for a while. I was going to take her back to Ireland on her hull but she needed too much work. She was eventually shipped back. I think around 2014."