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Abracadabra, US 41143
Last update: 2024
1985 Plan Joubert/Nivelt built by Hi Tech, New York



Not Built as Two Tonners

1986 6 February, SORC, Florida: 1st/?? Overall, rating IOR: 32.5', Jim ANDREWS/LEMAK
Avril "Course au Large",

Avril "Voile Magazine",

"The Joubert/Nivelt IOR Two-Tonner Abracadabra with an early Tape Drive® genoa in a Southern Ocean Racing Conference event on Tampa Bay, circa 1986"

September, Sardinia Cup, Porto Cervo: 31e/36, US Team: 11e/12

Picture from 87 SORC Program,

1987 February, SORC, Florida: ?e/?? IMS, ??
May "L'Année Bateaux",

Picture from Facebook 2022,

1991 From Facebook 2023,

Mid 1990's Comment from Facebook 2022 "Had a lot of fun around Newport with Bryson Hall in the mid 90s on this boat."

2001 March, Puerto Rico Cup Regatta: ?e/??, ??
Photos Erwan Quéméré, Archives de la revue "Bateaux",

2022 Comment from Facebook 2022 "this boat is Antigua now"


Same boat???

2024 February, Antigua, "It’s in Antigua. Looking quite sad on the mooring without a boom", comments and picture from Facebook,

"It is Abracadabra ex Titan 4 won S O R C and Antigua sailing week",