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German Frers, Two tonners list


Liste des bateaux:

Aries ARG Frers 197?, ex "Recluta II";

Atax Six FRA 8888 Frers 1981, ex "Lady Be Good", 1988 Octobre "Course Au Large" A Vendre-For Sale;

Bondi Tram KA 806 Frers 1982 McConaghy;

Bribon V E Frers 1985;

Di Hard KP 1 Frers 1982;

Don Alberto BL 694 Frers 1974;

Gargantua I 8016 Frers 1977;

Gekko V J 2000 Frers 1977;

Gitana VII F 7764 Frers 1979 Martland in aluminium;

Hitchhicker KA Frers 1980 built by Edgerton in kevlar klegecell;

Jaguar TRI 547 Frers 1984, ex "Marloo II";

Kamaiura BL 503 Frers 197? built in aluminium;

Killary Flyer IRL 933 Frers 1979, not built as Two Tonner;

Lady Be Good FRA 8888 Frers 1981, renomé "Atax VI";

Madrugada BL 364 Frers 1978 Bracosul Cold moulded, 1979 12 juillet, Two Ton Cup, Cowes: 14e/19, P. Paolo, rating 31.6', Admiral's Cup, Brasil Team: 19e/19, Fastnet: DNS;
1979 Cowes, Picture from Facebook 2022,

Marloo II KA 250 Frers 1984, renamed "Jaguar";

Mea Culpa US Frers (or Peterson) 1982, 1983 SORC 3e/?? Classe D, renommé "Ossian";

Noryema K Frers 1979, renamed "Killary Flyer", not built as Two Tonner;

Orion III BL 499 Frers 197? built in wood, 1977 August, Admiral's Cup: 31e/57, Brazilean Team: 12e/19, rating 31.9', Egon Berth;

Ossian F Frers (or Peterson) 1982, ex "Mea Culpa", 1983 Admiral Cup, Cowes: 34-28-26-28-36=39e/45, French Team: 12e/15;

Recluta II ARG Frers 197?, renamed "Aries";

Sur A 1323 Frers 1979 "Gitana" sister ship built by Ast. Santa Paula in aluminium;

Tigre BL 423 Frers 1976 built in aluminium;

White Sapphire B Frers ??;


1983 Mars "Course Au Large",


1976? Brochure, from Facebook 2021,