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3 boats "Diva", "Diva-Beck's Diva" and "Ava":


Diva, G 99
à jour au: 2024
1985 Plan Judel/Vrolijk, built by Wedell


1985 July "Seahorse",

Admiral's Cup: ?e/54, German Team: 1st/18, rating 33.6', P. WHESTPHAL-LANGLOH
Septembre "Course au Large",

Octobre "Bateaux",

1992 Donated to German Maritime Museum

From Maritime Museum, Bremerhaven website,

Diva, G 2994
Last update: 2014
1987 Plan Judel/Vrolijk, build by Rudy Magg


1987 June "Seahorse",

Admiral's Cup: 43 - 13 - 12 - 24 - 27 = ?e/42, German Team: 5e/14, rating 34.42', P. WHESTPHAL-LANGLOH with B. Beilken
Septembre "Bateaux",

Beck's Diva, G 2994
Cupa Del Rey, Palma de Majorque: ?e/?,
"Yacht Club" Janvier 1990,

And 2 pictures from One Ton Class Facebook 2015:

Diva, G 2994
Avril, Palma,
Photos Jean Charles Durand, archives revue "Bateaux",

????, ? ????
à jour au: 2022
1990 Plan Judel/Vrolijk,


Ava, GER ????

2022 August, from Jakob & Inga via Facebook "We would like to share our boat project with you folks. We recently finished the restoration of our cold moulded wooden boat called AVA, which was designed by Judel/Vrolijk in 1990. The design is based on the two ton Admirals Cupper Diva (G-99). We bought her in really poor condition and spent 4 years and about 6.000 hours to bring her back on track. Now we have to recover from all this work and sail her in the Baltic. Hope to see some of you guys in future out here! If you would like to see the history behind and some additional pictures, you could find us on Instagram @sailing_ava."