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Pyewacket, USA 4
à jour au: 2010
2003 Plan Reichel/Pugh, built by Cooksons boatyard à Aukland, carbon nomex with CBTF! system

2004 February "Seahorse",

St Maarten Heineken Regatta: 3e/?
Antigua Race: 2e/2 MaxZ86, Roy DYSNEY
May "Seahorse",

Cork Week: ?e/?
September "Seahorse",

September, Rolex Maxi Cup, Porto Cervo: 1 - 1 - 2 - 2 - 1 - 1 = 1er/11 Racing
Nioulargue: ?e/?

Voiles de St Tropez: 6e/?? ORC A
November "Seahorse",

2005 Janvier "Voiles et Voiliers", article complet en bas de la page du bateau,

Los Angeles Puerto Vallarta, 1125': DNF, mast isuue
Newport to Ensenada Race: 12e/14 Maxis
July, Transpac: 6e/??. 2h30 after Morning Glory!!
Donated to Orange Coast College of Sailing & Seamanship.

Newport to Ensenada Race: 1st elapsed time 17h8', 6e/??
Pyewacket RP 86 was donated to OCC School of Seamanship. The keel was shortened from 18 to 13.5 feet as was the forward rudder 12 feet to 9 feet. These changes were to allow the boat to be berthed at the Newport Beach base of OCC. These changes necessitated a decrease in the mainsail area and a smaller bowsprit (6 foot instead of 12). Despite these changes (depowering the boat) the rating went from -249 in last years Newport Ensenada race to -270 in this year's race - go figure.

Major modifications have transformed the maxZ86 into a 94-foot thoroughbred with rear deck wings, reminiscent of the 90-foot New Zealand America's Cup boat that was one-upped by Dennis Conner's catamaran in 1988. Handicap ratings are not yet determined, but there's little doubt that Pyewacket, Roy E. Disney's former maxZ86 that he has chartered back and rebuilt as a 94ft racer with wings, will be the scratch boat and favorite for the traditional Barn Door trophy awarded to the monohull with the fastest elapsed time.

15 July, Transpac Race: 2e/5 division 1, 1st elapsed time169h12'
August "Seahorse",

Picture from race website,

2008 January "Seahorse",

February, For Sale 94' Cookson Canting keel super maxi, Current Price: US$ 1,950,000 Pyewalker modifié, Located in San Diego, CA Year: 2007, Hull Material: Composite Race with the big boys on the grand prix racing circuit.

May "Seahorse",

2009 December, For Sale US$ 1,250,000 Pyewacket is Roy E. Disney's former maxi yacht, built in 2004 for the international racing circuit. This boat was customized by Cookson boat yard in Auckland NZ in 2007. It was donated to Orange coast college but When "Disney got involved with his Morning Light Project, a soon to be released feature film about a youth crew competing in the last TransPac on a TP 52 he acquired for them, he got the bug to enter Pyewacket also. So he chartered the big yacht back from Orange Coast, but in a controversial move to protect her competitive flank, turbo'd the daylights out of her. He enlisted the services of maverick designer Juan K, who added stacking wings, a much taller mast, and whacked off the front 30 feet of the boat and replaced it with a longer bow. Alas, the resulting 94-footer, that was a lock to establish a legacy elapsed time record for the race, fell victim to some of the lightest winds in the history of the TransPac".(Latitude 38, May 12, 2008) The current owner has had a change of plans and the boat is now available in San Diego. Pyewacket also comes with 2x40 foot containers which includes an incredible amount of spare parts and office supplies.

2010 November "Sailing Anarchy", born again? So here is the winged wonder Pyewacket on the hard today in Portland, Oregon, waiting for the next incarnation. Who has the skinny? Thanks to anarchist James.

2005 Janvier "Voiles et Voiliers", article complet en bas de la page du bateau,