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Windward Passage, US 7099
à jour au: 1991
1971 Plan Gurney, built by Robert Johnson on wood, LOA m / ft: 22.2m / 72'9", Beam m / ft: 5.9m / 19'4", ketch


1971 July, Transpac: 1er/? and record 9d09h06'
15 July, "The Chicago Tribune",

1975 Picture from "Sydney Hobart Official Programe",

26 December, Sydney Hobart Race: 43e/102 IOR corrected time 2d17h31', handicap 1.401, F JOHNSON
Picture from Facebook 2021,

1976 June "Offshore",

1977 "Offshore Sydney Hobart Race Program",

26 December, Sydney Hobart Race: 3e/137 IOR corrected time 3d16h19', handicap 1.043, F. JOHNSON

1979 "Offshore Sydney Hobart Race Program",

1981 February, SORC, Florida: 4e/13 Maxi

1982  New Peterson keel and (titanium) rudder, and new mast (33.5m)
Drawing and comment from Peterson Website, "In 1982, when Passage was no longer competitive against the newer Maxis, the owners approached Doug to modify the boat.
She was changed from a ketch rig to a sloop, and had a Peterson keel and rudder installed. She remained competitive for many years afterward, winning Big Boat Series, SORC, etc.
Peterson again did modifications for the boat after she was retired from racing by Rod Muir. A shorter rig and shoal keel, along with interior and deck modifications, were designed.

 Converted to a bermudan sloop,

August, Clipper Cup, Hawaï: ? - ? - ? - ? - dismasted = 4e/? Class A, J. L. RUMSEY

1983 February, SORC, Florida: 2e/6 Class A, rating: 67.0'
Picture from RB Sailing blog,

May "Yachting",

1984 Janvier "L'Année Bateaux",

February, SORC, Florida: 3e/? Class A
August "Yachting", For Sale,

1985 New owner, Rod Muir
"Offshore Sydney Hobart Race Program",

26 December, Sydney Hobart Race: 60e/178 corrected time 3d11h47', handicap 1.534, R. MUIR

1986 Picture from "Sydney Hobart Official Programe",

26 December, Sydney Hobart Race: 15e/106 IOR elapsed time 2d23h47', handicap 1.563, R. MUIR
Picture from Facebook 2020,

1987 June "Offshore",

1988 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

Pictures and comment from Facebook 2021 "Ok brains trust, this is Windward Passage, one of the classics, that was bought by Rod Muir in mid-80's, and did a couple of Sydney Hobarts. These pics may have been taken over a couple of days. How many people can name crew here? I can see Muno in the yellow t-shirt, and Michael Spies in the hawaiian shorts.. who else? Have fun!"

From Facebook 2021 "now we also did the first all girls maxi crew on old Windward passage from Sydney to Newcastle with both Kathy’s- Kathy Hawkins"

Picture from Facebook 2021,

1989 Sydney Mooloolaba race: 1er/?? IOR Div 1, Peter STRONACH
Sydney Newcastle race: 1er/?? PHS, Kathy MUIR
April "Offshore"

April "Offshore" japanese magazine,

1991 March "Yachting",

June "Yachting",

2021 PASSAGE on the cover of the May/June issue Wooden Boat.
The caption reads: The storied maxi-yacht WINDWARD PASSAGE, built of spruce in 1969, charges along in the Sydney Hobart Race in 1975. She is still going strong today. It’s a great article about the boat, lots about Bob Johnson, his family, and the new regime. The article says that :"PASSAGE at the time, was considered to be the second-largest spruce structure in the world, after the Spruce Goose. PASSAGE was, however, actually the largest because (Howard) Hughes’s monster airplane incorporated a variety of other types of wood."

October, comment and picture from Facebook "Immaculately maintained",

October, comment and picture from Facebook "Windward Passage still alive and well in Newport Beach, CA"