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Speedboat, USA 61227
last update: 2021
2008 Plan Kouyoumdjian, built by Cookson Boats

2008 June "Seahorse",

July "Seahorse"

14 June, New York Yacht Club’s 154th Annual Regatta: 8 - 8 - 7 - 7 = 8e/9 IRC 1, coeff IRC: 1,9550, Alex JACKSON
20 June, Newport Bermuda Race: 3e/4 Open
September "Seahorse",

Virgin Money,
Fin septembre, en stand by à New York, pour une tentative de record de l'Atlantique,
Novembre "Voiles et Voiliers",

18 June, Bermuda Race, 635NM, elapsed time 59h18'': 1er/183ttc & 3e/3 Open Division
New owner, George David and new name,
Rambler 100, USA 25555

2011 7 February, Pineapple Cup, 1st on line honnor 3d01h48': 3e/4 IRC1
21 February, RORC Caribbean 600, elapsed time 1d16h20': 1er/29, new record, coeff IRC: 1.865
27 May, Storm Trysail Club’s Block Island Race, 186NM, elapsed time 15h43': 1er/3, new record
2 June, Annapoli-Newport, 1st on line honnor 2d09h20': 2e/12 IRC1, coeff IRC: 1.880
10 June, Candy Store Cup: 2e/4
July, Transatlantic Race, from Newport, elapsed time 6d22h08': 2e/6 IRC1, coeff: 1.877
6 August, Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week: 3e/4 Mini Maxi
14 August, Rolex Fastnet: DNF/278, lost its keel and capsized off Fastnet Rock
" Owner George David and four crew plucked to safety, While Team Phaedo's media team were preparing for the Gunboat catamaran's arrival at the Fastnet Rock, there was a call from the Irish Coastguard, for all ships in the area to be on standby. Being the only boat that had braved the weather and high seas for the ultimate photograph of ones yacht at The Rock, the team immediately abandoned project and called in to help. All crew on the up-turned hull of Rambler were fine and well, but five crew had drifted off from the upturned hull and were no longer in sight. The team searched the area were they had received a personal EBIRB transmission from and miraculously found the missing five crew after they had been in the water for 3 hours... The team pulled aboard their dive vessel Rambler's owner George David and four of his crew members who had all been strapped together, cold, but healthy, happy, safe, and well. "

19 August, "The hull was righted on Wednesday off Barley Cove, after several attempts, and pumped out. It was towed to Baltimore from Barley Cove early yesterday by the Ocean Bank deep-sea tug, has been anchored in Baltimore in west Cork." info and picture from Daily Sail,

2013 February "Sailing Anarchy", "Speedboat is headed to NZ before Sydney, and the buyer is Investec Loyal boat partner Anthony Bell"
Perpetual Loyal, SYD 1000
10 December, SOLAS Big Boat Challenge: ?e/??, Anthony BELL
26 December, Sydney-Hobart: 33e/76 IRC, corrected time 4d11h23', IRC: 1,873
Picture from race website,

2014 9 December, SOLAS Big Boat Challenge: ?e/??
26 December, Sydney-Hobart: DNF/?? IRC

2015 26 December, Rolex Sydney-Hobart race: DNF/109

2016 26 December, Rolex Sydney-Hobart race, 1st on line honnor 3d01h02': 2e/71 IRC, coeff: 1,912

InfoTrack, SYD 1000
2017 26 December, Rolex Sydney-Hobart race, elapsed time 1d12h11': 43e/81 IRC, rating 1,944, Christian BECK

2018 9 décembre, CYCA Trophy Series: 5 - dnc = 5e/5
26 December, Rolex Sydney-Hobart race, elapsed time 1d19h44' (4th): 12e/72 IRC, Rating: 1,944, Christian BECK

Picture from Sydney Hobart website,

26 December, Sydney-Hobart Race, elapsed time 1d19h14' (2e): 18e/119 IRC, Hcap: 1,947, Christian BECK

2020 Cabbage Tree Island Race: 1er/?? Overall, Christian BECK
26 December, Sydney-Hobart Race: cancelled

LawConnect, SYD 1000
October, from Sailing Anarchy, "The new “super prodder” was fitted to the veteran supermaxi LawConnect (formerly InfoTrack) in Sydney over the weekend. It is estimated to be 1.6 metres longer than the previous bowsprit – but apparently will be supported by just a single bobstay. Looks beefy!"

Cabbage Tree Island Race, 1st elapsed time: ?e/?? Overall, Christian BECK
December, SOLAS Big Boat Challenge: ?e/?? Maxi Division
Picture from Facebook,

26 December, Sydney Hobart Race, 2nd elapsed time 2d15h11': 25e/60 IRC corrected time 5d05h07', Rating: 1.9800