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Sassy, US 5005
last update: 2018
1984 Plan Holland, built by Palmer & Johnston


1984 Bayview Mackinac Race 1st place and new record

1986 February, SORC, Florida: 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 2 - 4 = 3e/6 Classe 1, Dutch SCHMIDT
Picture from Internet Forum 2012,

November "Yachting",

???? Chicago-Mackinac race: ?e/??
Picture from Sailing Anarchy forum 2017,

1988 November "Seahorse",

The legend of Great Lakes.
The regatta sailing yacht which was many times the biggest race boat in regatta on Great Lakes.
Regularly had started in regatta since 1984 until 2002 such as:
- Port Huron to Mackinac Race (Bayview Mackinac Race)
- Chicago to Mackinac Race
- Bermuda Race

Bet results for Sassy:
Bayview Mackinac Race
1988 - 2nd place
1989 - 2nd place
1992 - 3rd place
2001 - 4th place

Chicago to Mackinac Race
1984 - Royono Trophy (1st on finish line)
1985 - Royono Trophy (1st on finish line)
1990 - Royono Trophy (1st on finish line)

1996 August "Seahorse",

2002 Chicago-Mackinac race: DNF/??, dismasted
New owner, Izydor Ryzak, and new name,
Julliana, ???
Putting new mast in Sassy Marine LLC

2003 In Toronto, Picture from Sailing Anarchy forum 2017

Crossing Atlantic, cruising to Poland
Start in The Tall Ship Race with Polish crew

2004 Crossing Atlantic

"Cheeky spent almost all of her 24 years in the Great Lakes. Her winters were spent on the hard — out of the water in storage — and her summers in freshwater. She regularly competed in the 333-mile race from Chicago to Mackinac Island, Mich. Her average hull speed is 11 ½ knots, although she has reached 20 knots with her spinnaker raised."

2008 New owner, Jim and Judith Lidgus, and new name,
Cheeky, USA

April, sailed their 78-foot sloop from the Great Lakes to its new home at the Bremerton Marina, State of Washington, USA

2011 New owner, Alex Kafka
Wild, ???

Cruising from USA to NZ
General refit and preparing boat for Antarctic expeditions

2012 Cruising around South Pole (throw Southern Ocean)
Cruising Ushuaia (Argentina) – Antarctic – Punta del Este (Uruguay) – Natal (Brazil)

2013 Crossing Atlantic to Spain

2013 – 2015 stay in Spain (in Cartagena and after that in Alcaidesa almost as abandoned ship, no-one on-board)

2015 New owner, Greg Fisher, and new name,
Sofi, ??? record
Using as a weekend cruiser in Gibraltar for short time
New owner, Greg Fisher,

Sailing to Sardegna

2017 New owner, Wojciech Madej and polish flag, and new name,
Chief One, POL 18060
Sailed the boat from Sardegna in Italy to Poland,
17 May, it has been on dry dock for refit

Comments and pictures from Sailing Anarchy forum, Polish Owner: "I would like use that pics (which I put below) I would like to show how Sassy/Julianna/Cheeky/Wild was looking in that days. so, probably I need a permission and now the question to you... could you connect me with the owners of that pics?

31 August, picture from owner, (
Sailing Anarchy forum),

12 November, picture from owner, (Sailing Anarchy forum),

29 December, arrived in Canarian Island

2018 January, sailing from Canarian Island to South America

2019 "The greatest adventure on the Chief One ex Sassy is sailing to ANTARCTICA in 2019. We have got still some available places for you."