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Ondine V, US ????
last update: 2021
1980 Plan Jerome Nilgram, built by Palmer & Johnson, USA, in Aluminium, LOA: 24.0m, beam 6.00m, Draft: 4.00 Meter, Clearance: 34.00 Meter

Originally a heinous centerboard ketch (both masts nearly the same height) to get round the IOR rule,

Nick name: "Blue Pig"

1980 June, launched in Michigan Lake
July, sailing from Michigan Lake to Oslo, Sweden via Saint Laurent River and North of Scotland
August, sailing from Oslo to Porto Cervo, via Vigo and Gibraltar Strait
Maxi Series, Port Cervo: 3e/??
September, sailing from Porto Cervo to Michigan Lake, via Palma-Gibraltar-Tanger-Saint Pierre-Montreal,

1983 February, SORC, Florida: ?e/6 Class A, dismasted, Huey LONG

1984 February, SORC, Florida: ?e/?? Maxi, Huey LONG
Mai "L'Année Bateaux",

???? "After some hair-raising experiences with the keel, and heeling the boat so the grinder pedestals were underwater, it was rejigged with a fixed keel, and shortly afterwards the mizzen was removed and the whole thing re-rigged as a normal masthead maxi. Big, tough, ugly but occasionally swift. A well-known man-eater in the days of galvanised wire running rigging." (from Internet Forum 2007)

1986 January "Yachting",

???? New french (formula1 driver) owner, and new name,
Ondine Romantica, F ????

???? New norwegian owner, and new flag,
Ondine Romantica, NOR 1000

2001 8 June, Faerden, Norway, 122NM: DNF/8 Grand Prix, Trond GULBRANDSEN

2007 New owner, and boat still in Norway

Ondine, NOR 15?47

2021 Pictures from Facebook,