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Nirvana, US 32323
last update: 2017
1982 Plan Pedrick, built by Palmer & Johnson


1982 Marvin Green commande à Dave Pedrick un bateau «confortable et compétitif» en IOR.
Bermuda Race, Newport-Bermuda, 635 NM, elapsed time 62h: ?e/??, new record
3 August, Championnat de Méditerranée, Baléares: 1er/4 Maxis
August, Picture ??, from "Bateaux" magazine archives,

1983 February, SORC, Florida: ?e/6 Class A, Marvin GREEN
April "L'Année Bateaux",

Picture from,

Antigua Race: 2e/? Maxi
Block Island Race: 1er/??
End of August, King Olav V Maxi en Norvège: 1er/??
September, World Maxis, Porto Cervo: 3e/??
October, Middle Sea Race: ?e/?? IOR
Sailing from Med to Australia via Panama
South Pacific Maxis Championship: ?e/??
"Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

26 December, Sydney-Hobart Race, 1st on line honours: DSQ

1984 ?? Race, Hong Kong to Manilla: ?e/?
Sailing from Manilla to Hawaï via Tokyo
Clipper Cup Series, Hawaï: 11e/??
September, San Francisco Big Boat Series: 4 - 4 - 4 - 4 - 4 = 4e/??,
Marvin GREEN
Sailing from San Francisco to US East Coast via Panama Canal
December "Yachting",

1985 August, Fastnet Race, 1st on line honours 2d12h34', new record: ?e/??? IOR, Marvin GREEN

1987 Gotland Run, new record: ?e/??? IOR
August, Fastnet Race: ?e/??? IOR, Marvin GREEN

1989 August, Fastnet Race: ?e/??? IOR, Marvin GREEN

1993 August "Yachting World",

1996 January "Yachting World",

2000 November "Seahorse",

???? New owner, Charles F Kiefer III, based in Marblehead, Massachusetts

2002 Newport Bermuda Race: ?e/??, Charles F Kiefer III
Picture from PPL,

2006 16 June, Bermuda Race: seen on entrants list, rating 482.9, Charles F KIEFER

2008 20 June, Newport Bermuda Race: ?e/??, Charles F KIEFER

2010 18 June, Bermuda Race, 635NM, elapsed time 81h36': 19e/183ttc & 8e/15 Class 13, Charles F KIEFER

2017 Information and Picture from Sailing Anarchy forum 2017, "another Ron Holland maxi money pit getting a makeover; the once and future fine looking Nirvana. Queen of the fleet in Marblehead until her owner died recently. Now (hopefully) headed back to glory with a new owner."