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Maximus, NZL 99999
à jour au: 2021
2005 Plan Greg ELLIOTT & Clay OLIVER, built by Cookson, L: 100', beam: 19'4"

2005 February, launched
Owners: EBS Yachting Charles St. Clair Brown and Bill Buckley, Yacht club affiliation: Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron
18 April, "L'Année Course Au Large",

May "Seahorse",

4 May, Maximus, the 100ft super maxi, was supposed to have arrived in Antigua on a ship from New Zealand on 22 April. Just a couple of days before the start of the regatta though, the onion ship carrying the boat broke down, which meant the yachts would not make it to the regatta on time.
May, Antigua Week: INP.
May, Rolex Transatlantic Challenge: 2nd on line honnor at 5h 16', 1er/?? IRC
June "Course Au Large",

Semaine de Cowes: ?e/??, coeff IRC: 1.774
Icap Maximus,
August, Fastnet race: 1st elapsed time 2j20h: 115e/??? ttc & 1er en IRC 0, coeff IRC: 1.774
10 aout, "L'Année Course Au Large",

3 September, Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup, Porto Cervo: DNF, broken mast
6 September "L'Année Couse Au Large",

October "Seahorse",

2006 January, For Sale The world's fastest Supermaxi. Fully proven and ready to campaign in 2006, uncompromising state of the art carbon fibre, lifting and canting keel. MAXIMUS was designed by Greg Elliot and Clay Oliver and constructed at Cookson in Auckland NZ to ABS using composite engineers High Modulus, with keel by Buckley Systems. She was launched February 2005.
24 January "L'Année de Course Au Large",

2 May, Maximus ships from Genoa to Newport,

April "Seahorse",

May "Seahorse",

June "Seahorse",

June, Bermuda Race, 635 NM: 4th elapsed time, ?e/?? IRC
Cork Week: 7 - 7 - 5 - 2 - 4 - 7 - (9) = 32pts, 6e/8 IRC Super 0
3 August, Tour de l'Ile de Wight: new record 3h20'
September, Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup, Porto Cervo: 6 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 5 = 25pts, 5e/9, EBS Yachting
Maximus Alike,
2 October, Barcolana, Triestre: line honnors 3e/1788. S. Lorenzo BODINI
Thuraya - Maximus,
21 October, Middle Sea Race: 2nd elapsed time (1h54' to "Alfa Roméo"), ?e/68 IRC. Filippo MOLINARI-Damiano LIPANI
"Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

26 December, Sydney Hobart: DNF,
27 December, Maximus and ABN Amro have dismasted

2007 February "Seahorse",

August "Seahorse", only one owner, Bill BUCKLEY
New swinging keel and new Southern Spars conventional mast
23 December, Maximus out, No Hobart race for Kiwi maxis as keel failure sends Bill Buckley's team back to the drawing board

2008 March "Seahorse"

2009 24 November, 112 for this year's Hobart race including Sean Langman’s newly revamped Elliott 100ft "Loyal", ... "Loyal" will add plenty of sporting glamour to the head of the fleet with Olympic swimming gold medallist Grant Hackett, boxer Danny Green, HSBC Waratahs captain Phil Waugh and former rugby union player Phil Kearns teaming up with an experienced offshore crew led by 18-time Rolex Sydney Hobart skipper Sean Langman.
Investec Loyal, NZL 99999
13 December, SOLAS Big Boat Challenge: 15e/16 Maxis elapsed time 1h33', Coeff IRC: 1.864, Sean LANGMAN
"Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

26 December, Sydney-Hobart: 4th elapsed time 2d18h34', 69e/73 IRC

2010 14 December, SOLAS Big Boat Challenge: ?e/? Maxis, Sean LANGMAN
26 December, Sydney-Hobart: 2nd elapsed time 2d11h11', 36e/87 IRC, Coeff IRC: 1.909

2011 20 aout, Audi Hamilton Island Race Week: ?e/12 IRC A
13 December, SOLAS Big Boat Challenge: ?e/?? Maxis, Anthony BELL
26 December, Sydney-Hobart: 1st elapsed time 2d06h14', 9e/72 IRC, Coeff IRC: 1.911

2012 15 October, new name,
Ragamuffin-Loyal, SYD 100
18 October, Cabbage Tree Island Yacht Race, 180 NM: ?e/??
27 November, Syd Fischer acquires Loyal
26 decembre, Sydney-Hobart: 6e/59 IRC corrected time 3d17h51'

Ragamuffin 100, AUS 100
Picture from 2013 Tranpac Program,

13 July, Transpac Honolulu Race: 3e/7 Division 1 elapsed time 6d08h17', Sydney FISCHER
10 décembre, SOLAS Big Boat Challenge: ?e/??
26 decembre, Sydney-Hobart: 52e/76 IRC corrected time 4d18h25', 3rd on line honner. IRC: 1,935

2014 October, The brand new hull of Syd Fischer’s Ragamuffin 100 arrived at Sydney City Marine in Sydney. Fischer’s team will work quickly now to ready the 100ft maxi for the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. The first big job is to attach the heavily modified deck of the previous Ragamuffin 100 and add the new keel. Water ballasted, the new super maxi boasts twin rudders, 6m beam, 6m draft and will be refitted with the rig from the previous Ragamuffin.

2 December, Syd Fischer's revitalised Ragamuffin 100 is relaunched
Ragamuffin 100, Designer: Andrew Dovell,  Draught: 5.65m, Air draught: 45.40m, Bowsprit: 4,55m, Builder: Cookson Boats, NZ Displacement: 32 metric tonnes, Launch date: December 2nd, 2014 Ballast: 6 metric tonnes Length: 30.48m Mainsail area: 375sqm, Load Waterline Length: 28.65m Upwind sail area: 610sqm, Beam: 5.78m Maximum downwind sail area: 1,300 sqm
26 decembre, Sydney-Hobart: 81e/?? IRC elapsed time 4d21h49', 3rd elapsed time 2d13h26', Sydney FISCHER
Picture from Race website,

2015 23 février, RORC Caribbean 600, Antigua: DNS
13 July, Transpac: 3e/3 Division 1 elapsed time 6d17h26'
15 October, Hong Kong - Vietnam Race: 3e/5 IRC 0, 42h17 elapsed
26 December, Rolex Sydney-Hobart race: 52e/?? IRC, 2e/109 eelapsed time 2d19h47', coeff: 1,929

Scallywag, HKG 2276
29 juillet, Sydney Gold Coast Yacht Race: keel issue, DNF/61 IRC, IRC: 1.934, Seng Huang LEE
26 August, Audi Hamilton Island Race Week:  ?e/9
23 October, Volvo China Coast Ragatta: (5) - 4 - 5 - 4 - 4 - 4 = 5e/5 IRC Racing Division 0, Coef IRC: 1.934
26 December, Rolex Sydney-Hobart race: 6e/71 IRC, 3e/88 elapsed time 02d17h53', coeff: 1.934

2017 12 avril, San Fernando Race: 1er/16 IRC new record 34h17'

2018 3 novembre, Hong-Kong to Hainan race, 390 NM, elapsed time 23h31': 3e/8 IRC
26 December, Sydney Hobart: DNF/72 IRC, broken bow sprit

2019 7 March, "Sailing Anarchy", the boat is in Savannah, Georgia, USA to have a new bowsprit installed
10 April, Voiles de St Barth: 2 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 2 = 2e/3 Maxi 1, David WITT
27 April, Peters & May Round Antigua Race: DNF/10 CSA 1, GV déchirée par le mat du TP52 au départ, SH LEE
28 April, Antigua Sailing Week: … - dnc - dnc - 2 = 5e/6 CSA Racing 1
8 May, Antigua Bermuda Race: 5e/10 IRC
Picture from Race website,

15 June, Transatlantic Race, Newport-Cowes, elapsed time 10d02h131': 8e/13 IRC
3 August, Fastnet Race, elapsed time 1d20h22': 81e/334 IRC Overall, handicap: 1,990,
26 December, Sydney-Hobart Race, elapsed time 1d20h13' (4e): 46e/119 IRC, Hcap: 1,990, Seng HUANG LEE

Sun Hung Kai Scallywag 100, HKG 2276
May, arrived in Sydney. "Stay tuned for 2021 program updates..."
Picture from SH Race website,

26 December, Sydney Hobart Race, 3rd elapsed time 2d15h30': 27e/60 IRC, corrected time 5d06h16', Rating: 1.9880, Seng HUANG LEE