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Mari-Cha IV, GBR 38
à jour au: 2016
2003 Plan Philippe Briand, Greg Elliot & Clay Oliver, built by

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2001  December, seen on "Seahorse" One-Off builts list, Robert MILLER

2003  May, still on "Seahorse" One-Off builts list,

August, Photos Dominic Bourgeois, Archives de la revue "Bateaux", more pictures,

Septembre, "Mari Cha IV" : une goëlette pour battre des records
Pas moins de trois architectes ont été choisis (le Français Philippe Briand, les Néo-Zélandais Greg Elliot et Clay Oliver) pour la dessiner. Le bateau a été construit aux chantiers JMV de Cherbourg : il a tiré ses premiers bords en août avant d'être convoyé vers New York où il sera en stand by. "Marie Cha III", le précédent voilier du milliardaire anglais, était titulaire du record de la traversée de l'Atlantique (58j23h59'), battu par Bernard Stamm en 2000 : Robert Miller souhaite le récupérer et s'attaquer à d'autres records avant quelques courses océaniques. Un équipage de 25 personnes
Octobre "Course Au Large", article complet,

7 October, Record des 24h en mono: 525'5 , (précédent record était détenu par John Kostecki sur Illbruck, 484' en avril 2002)
October, Traversée de l'Atlantique en mono: 6d17h52'39", 19,5nds, battu de plus de 2 jours!
November "Seahorse",

December "Seahorse",

Décembre "Course Au Large", article complet,

Le bateau passe l'hiver à Cherbourg pour maintenance
6 December, Mari Cha IV goes around the world to break monohull records: Plans For 3 Year Racing Campaign including a Jules Verne Mari Cha IV Announces Plans For 3 Year Racing Campaign

2004 January "Seahorse", "Challenging" full article,
Janvier "Voiles et Voiliers", article complet,

27 février, départ de Cherbourg pour la saison des Antilles
Mars "Course Au Large",

March "Seahorse",

Guadeloupe-Antigua: record!!
Antigua Races: ?e/??
"Seahorse" July,

Picture from Facebook 2021,

End of June, Preparing for the West Marine Pacific Cup: "Mari Cha IV" is currently in San Francisco,
2 July, West Marine Pacific Cup, San Francisco to Kaneohe bay Oahu Island, 2.070 NM: 1st elapsed time 5d05h43' new record, 2e/4 Division F
29 July, shipped from Hawai to Italy,

19 September, back at sea in Genoa, Italy
30 September, Les Voiles De St. Tropez: 21e/?? ORC A,
La Ciotat for the winter maintenance
December "Course Au Large",

2005 12 April, transfer from La Ciotat to New York
28 April, arrival in New York
"Seahorse" June,

23 May,
Rolex Transatlantique Challenge: 1er/?? elapsed 10j01h08'.
August "Seahorse",

Voiles de St Tropez: ?e/?, Loic PEYRON
"L'Année Course Au Large",

November, Mari Cha IV à vendre - For Sale, 6,95 millions de dollars US
December "Seahorse",

"Seahorse" 2009 August,

2006 Voiles de St Tropez: ?e/?
November, lying in Antibes

2008 16 May, new owner and new name,
Senso One, MLT 55
21 May, Boat International Superyacht Regatta, Sardinia: 5 - ? - ? = ?e/5, Coeff: 1,850
18 August, Palermo-Monte-Carlo, 1st on line honor 2d04h12', new record: 6e/16 IRC corrected, Skipper: Gianluca PERRIS
October, Voiles de St Tropez: 27 - 23 - d+d - 28 = 29e/34 IRC A, Olivier  LOZACHMEUR

2014 22 October "Saling Anarchy", "We’re big fans of the high-performance luxury cruiser market, and if we had an extra 5 mil burning a hole in our pockets, we might just go with something just like this.  It’s the record-smashing schooner Mari Cha IV – SA’s all-time favorite offshore race boat, now in Amsterdam’s Royal Huisman yard to be converted to Samurai, one of world’s coolest cruisers.  The RH folks wouldn’t tell us more about the new owners, though we hope they’re schooner people and they keep the boats’ distinctive rig. The rendering does not give us optimism.  We understand the boat will have a lifting keel instead of a canter for better port access, and you can read an update in the gorgeous e-zine Inhuis from the folks at Huisman."

2 October "Saling Anarchy", "cuts like a knife: SEPPUKU- /s?'pu?ku?/ noun : A form of Japanese ritual suicide by disembowelment. Originally reserved for samurai and part of the bushido honor code, seppuku was used by samurai to die with honor rather than fall into the hands of their enemies or performed because they had brought shame to themselves. For many years, Sailing Anarchy has called Mari Cha IV the ultimate expression of the racing monohull, so when we found out the monster Briand/Elliott schooner was being refitted as a luxury cruiser, we were optimistic that she was, at least, not being cut up and left next to a dumpster.  Now, with her our of the shed and sporting the name Samurai and an entirely new and completely wannabe Wally look – we’re not sure she wouldn’t have been better off with ritual suicide.  Note: We know the refit was done beautifully to very high Royal Huisman standards, and we are not complaining about any of that; we’re just sad that such a unique piece of competition history is yet another multi-million dollar toy to blend in with all the other multi-million dollar toys."

Picture from Facebook 2021,