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Kialoa V, US 13131
last update: 2016
1986 Plan Frers, built by Mefasa Yard, Spain, LOA: 24.5m, beam 5.80m


1986 2nd Maxi Yachts World Championship: 4e/?, Jim KILROY

1987 26 February, SORC, Florida: 7e/50 IOR & 1er/? Class 1,
Mars "Course Au Large",

Mai "L'Année Bateaux",

June, 3rd Maxi Yachts World Championship, Newport: 1er/9, Jim KILROY
Picture from R&B Sailing Blog,

Navigue avec sa troisiéme quille...
Rolex Maxi Cup, Porto Cervo: 1er/9, rating 70'
Moet & Chandon Maxi Cup, Monaco-Saint Tropez:

November "Course Au Large",

Decembre "L'Année Bateaux"

Pictures from "L'Année Voile 1987/1988",

1988 Février "Course Au Large",

Saint Thomas Maxi Series: 1er/9
May "Yacht Club",

Kenwood Cup, Hawaï: DNS, dismasted
Novembre "Neptune Yachting",

1989 Saint Thomas Maxi Series: 8e/8 ICAYA
Nioulargue Maxi Cup, Saint Tropez: ?e/?
"Mer & Bateaux" 1990,

ICAYA Maxi World Championship:

1990 Janvier "Régate",

Janvier "Yacht Club",

February "Sailing World",

1991 March "Yachting",

1995 9 septembre, Juris Cup, Marseille: ?e/9 A1-A2
Novembre "Voiles et Voiliers",

199? New owner, Etoile Marine, France
Etoile Maxi, FRA

1999 Saint Malo, Photo Loic Le Bras, Archives de la revue "Bateaux",

Refited by Pendennis Shipyard in Falmouth

2001 Summer, Refit at Astilleros de Mallorca, Palma

2004 Navigue autours de la Bretagne

2010 26 March, International Rolex Regatta in St. Thomas, USVI: ?e/?? CSA Spinnaker Racing 1 class
23 April, Antigua Sailing Week: 28 - 26 = 28e/30 IRC division A, Freddie MILLS

2011 31st Annual St. Maarten Heineken Regatta: ?e/??
Picture from boat's facebook page,

2012 Current owner, Andrew McLean: "While the boat has an additional 10,000 pounds due to her cruising interior installed in 2001 at Pendennis, she still has her original keel, rudder shape and most of her deck gear. Even though Kialoa V does not have a current racing certificate and thus not officially scored she will sail the Vineyard course as a competitor."
31 August, Vineyard race: ?e/??

2016 KIALOA V is for sale, price 299,000 USD, Crusing Refit: Kialoa V was completely refitted in 1999 by Pendennis Shipyard in Falmouth. Everything was removed down to the bare hull and frames. The vessel kept all of her racing hardware, but was fitted out with an interior for luxury cruising. The coach house was added to keep dry. Summer 2001 Refit at Astilleros de Mallorca, Palma. 1. Repaint entire exterior of vessel with AwlGrip a. Refaired and repainted Topsides, b. Repainted cockpit. Nonskid deck (all blemished refaired) c. Repainted Interior d. Refaired keel and applied New antifouling (International Superyacht 800) 2. Added air conditioning to crew qtrs. 3. added seacock to service aft a/c and crew a/c 4. refurbished interior a. all new headlining b. new carpets c. new varnish d. modified owners cabin 5. Mast a. Serviced and restepped b. Replaced all wiring into new conduit 6. New runner winches.