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Maxi Jena, SLO 2002
last update: 2021
2002 Plan Andrej Justin, built by


2002 Barcolana, Triestre: ?e/????, Kosmina MITJA

2004 Barcolana, Triestre: ?e/????, D.O.O METEOR

2005 Barcolana, Triestre: ?e/????, D.O.O METEOR

2006 Barcolana, Triestre: ?e/????, Kosmina MITJA

2007 9 September, picture from "Inbound of Izola - Slovenia".

Mid October, Barcolana, Triestre: 2nd/1830 on line honnor 55'30".

2008 Barcolana, Triestre: 2e/1916, Kosmina MITJA

2009 10 October, Barcolana, Triestre: 1er/1858ttc

2010 October, Barcolana, Triestre: 2e/1852, Kosmina MITJA

2011 October, Barcolana, Triestre: 2e/1308, Kosmina MITJA

2012 15 October, Barcolana Race, Triestre, 17': 2e/1737 ttc, Kosmina MITJA

Jena No Borders Team, EUR 2002
14 October, Barcolana, Triestre: 88e/1902, Furio BENUSSI

2015 11 October, Barcolana, Triestre: 3e/962 classés, Furio BENUSSI

Maxi Jena Tempus Fugit ..., EUR 2002
14 October, Barcolana, Triestre: 2e/1107 classés , Kosmina MITJA

Maxi Jena Powered Tempus Fugit ..., EUR 007
8 October, Barcolana, Triestre: 2e/1280 classés , Kosmina MITJA

Way Of Life / Ewol Sailing Team, EUR 005
31 October, Barcolana, Triestre: 3e/1642 classés, Gasper VINCEC

201? For Sale 2002 Custom Maxi 83, 25m, 345 000 € Toutes Taxes Comprises, Italie. From the drawing book of Andrej Justin, well known for the RC44 yacht, this canting keel Maxi Yacht is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.  Built in 2002 and well maintained by her current owners this carbon fibre constructed Maxi 83 yacht is ready to fly around another race course. Currently suited to light wind racing, but could be modified to suit offshore racing. She comes with a Carbon rig and a suit of 2009 North Sails (Main, Jib and Spinnaker) and 2016 One Sails (Jib and Drifter). Navigation equipment is from Garmin Racing.  A container with safety equipment and spares is sold with the yacht

2019 5 October, Mrdujska regata : 1er/165
15 October, Barcolana, Triestre: 1er/1068 classés, Gasper VINCEC

2020 October, Venice Hospitality Challenge: ?e/??

2021 9 October, Barcolana, Triestre: 3e/1722, Milos RADONJIC
16 October, Venice Hospitality Challenge: 1er/16