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Ichi Ban, AUS 01
last update: 2018
2013 Plan Shaun Carkeek, built at Dubai-based Premier Composite Technologies

2013 30 July, Matt Allen commissions a new Ichi Ban, The commission came with the ambitious aim of the finished boat being in Sydney by November to give th team ample time to commission, tune and train their new boat prior the traditional Boxing Day start. But Project Manager Neil Cox, who has previously managed VO70 builds for Puma and Camper, reports that the build of the new C60 in Dubai is bang on schedule.
25 October "Sailing Anarchy",
Sydney surprise, It’s better late than never for the new Carkeek 60 Ichi Ban, which arrived in Oz a couple of weeks ago from Dubai just in time for fitout and launch before the 2013 Hobart Race.

13 November "Sailing Anarchy", blue is the warmest color

30 November "Sailing Anarchy", "ichi but no scratchy, The brand new 60' Carkeek-designed Ichi Ban goes sailing. Looks pretty nice."

10 December, SOLAS Big Boat Challenge: ?e/??
15 December
, CYCA Trophy Series: ?e/??
26 December, Sydney-Hobart Race, elapsed time 4d01h32' (8th): 8e/76 IRC, IRC: 1.499, Matt ALLEN

2014 25 January, Geelong Festival of Sails: 3e/??, Matt ALLEN
15 February, Sydney-Newcastle, 63NM elapsed time 8h36': 1er/??
9 December, SOLAS Big Boat Challenge:
26 December, Sydney-Hobart Race, elapsed time 2d15h25': 63e/?? IRC
Picture from race website,

2015 26 December, Rolex Sydney-Hobart race, elapsed time 3d00h29': 8e/108 IRC, coeff: 1.501, Matt ALLEN

2017 14 April, Brisbane To Gladstone Yacht Race, elapsed time 1j04h43': 1er/11 IRC 1, Matt ALLEN

Winning Appliances, AUS 01
26 December, Sydney Hobart Race, elapsed time 2d06h15' (9e): 4e/72 IRC, Rating: 1.494, John WINNING Jr