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200?, Plan Lombard, Zéro

2011 Achat du bateau,


Miss Isle Too,
Ocean Coat Marine Services: "In August 2012 we had the privilege of refitting a Mini Transat into Miss Isle Too, a fully working boat for Natasha Lambert. An extraordinary teenager, who completed:- a sail around the Isle of Wight, crossed the channel from France to England and sailed from the Island to Whales to climb a mountain. To follow her amazing story go to our links page to see her website!"

September, Round the Island Challenge, from 06h00 to 18h25, Natasha LAMBERT

"Miss Isle too is a Mini 6.50. The Mini 6.50 is very short for its intended use and is beamy being nearly half as wide as it is long. Its width carries to the stern, allowing the craft to plane as a fast motorboat does. Minis typically sail as fast, potentially reaching 25 knots. They have two connected rudders and a narrow steel or iron fin keel with a lead bulb at the end. The mast height is typically twice the Mini’s length.  Miss Isle too, as well as helm control, has sail trim operated by 2 Harken electronic winches that are operated by a tiny tongue switch inside the helmet."
Specifications of the Mini 6.50: 6.50m length overall, 3.00 Hull beam, 11.00 max height, 1.60m Draught, 1050kg displacement, 420kg ballast, 23.5qm mailsail, 17.9sqm genoa, 70sqm spinnaker (large)

The control system on MissIsle Too:
The sip and puff control system was designed and built by Gary Lambert in 2012 using cutting edge technology. The system  has proved to be extremely robust and has taken MissIsle Too and Natasha around much of the coast of the British Isles. It is hoped that the system can now be commercially manufactured and used in any sailing vessel that requires it. Many new adaptions have been applied to the system as the prototype has progressed, perhaps one of the most notable is the addition of the semi-auto sheeting. This allows the onboard computers to activate the sheet winches when Natasha alters course greater than 15 degrees. This is a particularly useful feature as it ensures that the sails are always fully powered. Something that would not otherwise be possible owing to Natasha only having a single straw that either operates the helm or the sheets."

2013 21 avril,

1 juillet, Natasha Lambert’s sailing adventure across the English channel. Piloting Miss Isle her specially converted 6.5m Mini Transat yacht. Natasha is able to steer & trim the sails by sipping and blowing into a tube. The boat was modified by her dad and it works very well.
MissIsle Too entered Dover Harbor,


2014 24 juillet-22 aout, navigations de Cowes à Land's End de ports en ports, Natasha LAMBERT

2015 23 mai, apparaille de Cowes en route pour Londres, Natasha LAMBERT

2016 18 Juillet-4 aout, navigations en Ecosse, Inverness-Firth of Clyde, Natasha LAMBERT

2017 "New Code Zero spinnaker. A versatile furling masthead, code zero can be used in a range of wind conditions to improve the boats performance; it can be sailed upwind in light winds but is also effective when reaching and sailing downwind in breezier conditions."

Navigations vers l'Irlande de Port Patrick à Dublin, Natasha LAMBERT

Miss Isle Too, GBR 4765L
From Race's website: "Miss Isle a Class Mini 6.5 zero specially adapted and sailed by mouth via a sip-puff system Natasha Lambert a disabled sailor who has cerebral palsy and sails by mouth using a specially adapted boat with a canting seat and a sip-puff system in which Natasha, sips and blows on a single tube which in turn is connected to electronic winches for the sails and an electronic ram on the rudders. Mike an experienced sailor having taken part in many round the Island races will be supporting Natasha in her first ever RTIR and Cherrell Catlow is Natashas PA who will be assisting Tash with communication and eating and drinking needs during the race"
7 juillet, Round the Island Race: DNF, Natasha LAMBERT
25 aout, Cowes, parmi des quarters, photo de Pierre,


All Pictures and Information are from Miss Isle Too website,