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A jour au: octobre 2010
1994 Tom Wylie

1995 TRANSAT 6,50: DNS, Joe COOPER

2003 February, for sale Wylie 1994 Custom Mini Located Newport RI. Family duties oblige sale. Formore details email to me, Joe Cooper, at this email address

2008 December, For Sale-A Vendre: Conceived of by the owner in 1992 and designed by Tom Wylie and built in 1993-4 with a single rudder & water ballast. The hull was built by Wylie, the deck by Concordia and various other components like keel box built by the likes of Eric Goetz under owners observation. Boat was an accepted entry in the 1995 as “S.A.I.L for kid’s” race but aborted the delivery to France due to various pressures including exhaustion of skipper. Boat subsequently Grand fathered by email from the class subject to being currently inspected. Boat has about 2000 miles of sailing on it over its now 11 year life the bulk of which has been spent on the hard. Boat is presently dissembled for repainting and some modifications primarily to do with the cockpit. Has complete set of (8) sails, spars, deck hardware, winches, standing and running rigging and sufficient safety gear for local New England racing. Rated 99 on Narragansett Bay last time it had a rating in 2003. The boat is rigged with a center lift sling arrangement so she can be launched from any yacht club 2 ton lift. Price includes a road trailer. US$ 17,500

2009 Mai, Avec ce No sur la liste classe Mini.

2010 Octobre, mail de Adrian Blunt: "The boat was built in 1993 but only recently granted a Classe Mini number.
The boat was 'grandfathered' having been accepted by the Classe as an entry in the 1995 MT under the name SAIL for Kids.
She has since been renamed Bushranger.
Joe Cooper has written a very detailed history of the boat, now a North American classic, designed by Tom Wylie who designed American Express the MT winner in 1979."