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à jour au: juin 2018
2008 Plan Lombard, Zéro

2008 Mise à l'eau.

2013 28 aout, Pia L'Obry trophy, Malmö: DNS, Stefan DANIELSSON
30 aout, Saltholm Runt, Malmö: DNC/15 LYS R 1
?? septembre, Silver Rudder, 134' en solitaire (singlehanded), Danemark: 14e/25, or on his new boat "Malla 2"!

2014 Summer, new owner: Jonas Karlsson. The new location is Varberg, west coast of Sweden.

2016 June, mail from Jonas Karlsson, with pictures and information: "I intend to use it for cruising with my children and maybe some local races in the future."

2018 21 mai, new Swedish certificate SRS