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Second Life, 18
à jour au: 2014
197? Plan Van de Stadt, built by Southern Ocean Shipyard Limited,


1972 "Observer OSTAR program",

17 June, OSTAR: DNF/55ttc dismasted. Gérard DIJSKA

Second Life, K 3560,

1973 8 September, Whitbread Round-The-Race: 11 - 4 - 8 - 11 = 7e/19, 150d08h corrected time, rating IOR: 55.6', Roddy AINSLIE
8 September, 1st leg Portsmouth-Cap Town, elapsed time 45d17h29': 11e/17
Photos Patrice Carpentier, Archives de la revue "Bateaux",

7 November, 2nd leg Cap Town-Sydney, elapsed time 30d09h11': 4e/17
29 December, 3rd leg, Sydney-Rio, elapsed time 45d17h32': 8e/15

1974 "Bateaux" April,

8 March, 4th leg, Rio-Portsmouth, elapsed time ?: 11e/16

2009? Sank - Coulé

2014 DailySail, Second Life - Roddie Ainslie's Ocean 71,  Roddy Ainslie writes: "Second life was used as a sort of poor mans charter boat for a year or two after the 73-74 race then finally sold to an American who spent a fair amount on the interior, some new sails etc and then the new owner cruised her around the Med for a while. She was later seen moored in Chesaspeake Bay. The next time I heard of her was some years later, it was rumoured that she had been sold by the American Government having been caught drug running. Then about five years ago I understand she sank in the Caribbean having taken on a lot of water very suddenly, Fortunately no one was hurt."