Whitbread Race: Sommaire - Liste Alphabétique


Outward Bound, KZ 4525
Last update: 2014
1980 Plan Davidson, 50' built by ? in Herne Bay


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1981 NZ Admiral's Cup trial: ?e/??, Digby TAYLOR
Sailing New Zealand to Europe
Extrait du livre "En Course" de Thierry Rannou,

28 August, Whitbread Round-The-Race: 6 - 11 - 4 - 7 = 5e/29, elapsed time 151d15h19', rating IOR: 40.0', Digby TAYLOR
Leg 1, Portsmouth-Cap Town, 14e elapsed time 1080h03'': 6e/29
31 October, Leg 2, Cap Town-Auckland, 13e elapsed time 935h28': 11e/29
26 December, Leg 3, Auckland-Mar Del Plata, 11e elapsed time 694h51': 4e/29

1982 27 February, Leg 4, Mar Del Plata-Portsmouth, 13e elapsed time 928h55': 7e/24

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1987 "Cruising World",

2004 Auckland to Tauranga Race: ?e/??
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2013 In a Storage yard at Mount Maunganui

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Current owner, Ken Carter, a ingeener in Perth
DailySail, 11/8/14: In a shed in Tauranga, NZ.


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