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NCB Ireland, IR 1992
à jour au: 2019
1988 Plan Ron Holland, sloop 81ft, build by Bushe and Lipsett in Dublin

1989 23 avril, Lorient - St Barth - Lorient: DNS, Bobby CAMPBELL
Septembre "Voiles et Voiliers",

"Un Sprint Autour du Monde", G Martin-Raget (1990),

2 septembre, WHITBREAD Race: 13 - 13 - 12 - 9 - 8 - ? = 12e/23, corrected time 139d19h, rating IOR: 72', Joe ENGLISH
1e étape, Solent-Punta Del Este: 13e/23
28 octobre, 2e étape, Punta Del Este-Freemantle: 13e/23 en ?' réel
23 décembre, 3e étape, Freemantle-Auckland: 12e/23 en ?' réel

1990 4 février, 4e étape, Auckland-Punta Del Este: 9e/23 en 24j23h21' réel
17 mars, 5e étape, Punta Del Este-Fort Lauderdale: 8e/22 en 24j03h24' réel
5 mai, 6e étape, Fort Lauderdale-Southampton: ?e/22 en ?' réel

Round Ireland Yacht Race, elapsed time 86h16': 2e/35 IOR corrected time 112h34', Joe ENGLISH

1998 "NCB In Greece with a lift keel", information and picture from Facebook January 2021,

1999 December "Yachting World",

2001 Refit by Greg Peck - Rocket Yachts

???? New owner, and new name,

2009 June "Seahorse",

November "Seahorse",

2014 DailySail, NCB Ireland - Ron Holland sloop 81ft Willie Lynch (13/7/10) along with Martela were or still are charter boats in Bahamas. I worked on NCB while she was in Greece then named Athina. Ben Cooper from Berthon writes: Sold to Caribbean Syndicate through Berthon and used for corporate match racing against Martella.
Now for sale and lying ashore in Trinidad.

2019 For Sale Localización: Trinidad y Tobago

Mai, À Tyrell Bay Marina Carriacou

"1989 Maxi Athena built in Dublin, originally red just recently repainted in Cariacou. Now called Serenity, and looking beautiful".