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Bubblegum, K 1024
à jour au: 2021
1978 Plan Peterson, Contessa 43 #06 built by Jeremy Rodgers

From Ian Fyfe and Bubblegum document (2018), "In Cape Town and Rio de Janeiro (see Gundrops), Iain had met Jon Saunders. He told him of the Plymouth to Perth Race in honor of the anniversary “150 years of Western Australia”. The Parmelia Race, The special thing about this race was that it was a so-called pursuit race. The slowest ships, on handicap, start first and the faster ones later. The goal was for all of them to arrive in Perth at roughly the same time around November 25th. Iain sold Gumdrop and ordered a Contessa 43, Bubblegum, hull number 6 from Jeremy, which was launched in June 1978. The Contessa 43 is also a Doug Petersen design."

1978 June, launched
August, Cowes Week: ?e/??
Picture from Beken, Facebook 2021,

1979 August, Parmelia Race, Plymouth-Cap Town-Sydney: 4 - 4 = ?e/10 IOR, Iain McGOWAN - FYFE
"Offshore Sydney Hobart Race Program",

26 December, Sydney Hobart race: ?e/147

1981 From Ian Fyfe and Bubblegum document, "At the 1980 London Boat Show, the booth of the upcoming Whitbread Race caught Iain's attention. The entry fee of bad UKPst. 200 was manageable and he was told that the race was getting a lot of publicity and so it shouldn't be difficult to get sponsors. By slightly lengthening the spinaker boom, the IOR rating was adjusted from 32.9 to 33. The minimum length to participate. The ship was adapted to meet all further requirements. This works with the exception of one element, the communication equipment. The official equipment couldn't fit in a ship of this size. With a small time slot on each leg as compensation, they still got the approval. The crew consisted of 6 men, including of course Iain, now 61 years old."
Extraits du livre "En Course" de Thierry Rannou,

28 aout, Whitbread Round-The-Race: 8 - 16 - dnf - 18 = DNC/29, rating IOR: 33.1', Iain McGOWAN - FYFE
1e étape, Portsmouth-Cap Town, 20e en temps réel de 1156h21': 8e/29
8 October "Anchorage Daily News",

Picture from Sailing Anarchy Forum 2014,

31 octobre, 2e étape, Cap Town-Auckland, 21e en temps réel de 1040h15': 16e/29
15 December "The Age",

26 décembre, 3e étape, Auckland-Mar Del Plata: DNF

1982 She lost her rudder west of Cape Horn and was rescued by the Chilean Navy.
25 January "St. Petersburg Times",

From Facebook 2021:
"Among the other yachts with problems was the British 43-footer called Bubblegum, the smallest yacht in the race owned by Iain MacGowan Fyfe, which hit a whale and broke a chainplate and its steering cables. Bubblegum also was without radio or electric power, but was proceeding to Cape Town: This is from a Whitbread article. Maybe they meant it was a jury approved way to steer the boat and stay in the race?" and these pictures,

Photo extraite du livre "En Course" de Thierry Rannou,

27 février, 4e étape, Mar Del Plata-Portsmouth, 20e en temps réel en 1104h24': 18e/24

1990 New owner, Pim Visser and new name
Joran (II),

1991 Cowes week: ?e/??
Picture from Beken, Facebook 2021,

???? New owner, ?? and name back to
Bumbblegum, NED 1024

2006 For sale, GRP sailing yacht Contessa 43 "Bubblegum", built in 1978, design by Doug Peterson, GRP hull, superstructure and deck, Plexiglas windows, round bilged hull, fin keel, displacement: approx. 10 tonnes, fuel tank: approx. 90 litres, fresh water tank: approx. 250 litres, mechanical wheel steering, emergency tiller. ... Sloop rigged, Proctor double spreader aluminium mast, fittings stainless steel, 2x Harken headsail furling system, main sail, 2x jib, Navtec hydraulic back stay adjuster, 2x Lewmar ST43 winches + 4x ST winches in cockpit + 1x Gibb ST in cockpit, spi pole. Dimensions 13,10 x 3,90 x 2,40 (m), lying in Netherlands

2007 New owner, Arthur Hoogstad and new port of registry, Haarlem

Arthur moves Bubblegum to Denmark and lives on board until 2015

2018 Refited in Denmark and new hull color (original blue),
25 September, pictures from Arthur,

Sailed to Med

2019 May, picture from Arthur,

picture from Arthur,

2021 Lying in Palma de Mallorca
April, received from Arthur
few information and pictures,