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Berge Viking, N 3000
à jour au: 2018
1980 Plan S&S, Swan 57

1980 24 October, launching

1981 Fevrier, SORC, Florida: 5e/?? Classe A
28 aout, Whitbread Round-The-Race: 4 - 8 - 10 - 9 = 8e/29 en 3016h54', Rating: 42.0', Peter LUNDE
1e étape, Portsmouth-Cap Town, 9e en temps réel de 1054h05': 4e/29
Photo J. L. Garnier ("Neptune Nautisme"), Archives de la revue "Bateaux",

31 octobre, 2e étape, Cap Town-Auckland, 12e en temps réel de 905h05': 8e/26
26 décembre, 3e étape, Auckland-Mar Del Plata, 13e en temps réel de 709h20'': 10e/22

1982 27 février, 4e étape, Mar Del Plata-Portsmouth, 12e en temps réel de 928h29: 9e/24
Photo extraite du livre "En Course" de Thierry Rannou,

1982-1988 For five years she was used to train young Norwegians in the skill of coastal and blue water sailing, which included several longer voyages, among them a trip to the Canary Islands, where she was based for several winter seasons.

1988 May "Yachting World", For Sale

19?? New owner, Morten Sig. Bergesen, (who at that time was the CEO of the Bergesen d.y. group, the original and main sponsor of the project Norway Round the World).

Berge Viking returned to the Nautor Yard, where she originally was built, and went through a major re-fit. After being re-delivered she has been used as a private yacht for the owner and his family.

2008 January, visit to Antarctic (which brought her south of 64 degrees.)

On her return to Norway it was time to schedule a new re-fit, where among other updates, the original mast was replaced.

2011 3 novembre, Legends Regatta, Alicante: 7e/16

2014 DailySail, Berge Viking - Swan 57 From Matt Jess (20/7/10): Was run as a sail training boat in Norway after the race. Subsequently she was bought by Morten Bergesen, who was CEO of the company that sponsored her in the race.