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Portatan, US 33881
à jour au: 2011
1984 Plan Farr #144, sloop 81ft, construit en Afrique du Sud, avec le mat de "Flyer" vainqueur de la course précédente en 1982

Apple Macintosh, US 33881
Cape Town, Pictures without date from Internet,

1985 12 January, 6th South Atlantic Race, Cap Town-Punta Del Este, 4500 NM: ?e/35, line honours and new record 22d08h
13 January, South African newspaper, from "Sailing Mag Archives and historical records",

4 February, South African newspaper, from Sailing Mag Archives and historical records,

Fastnet Race, elapsed time 2d12h42': ?e/?? et 1er en compensé des bateaux de la Whitbread

Portatlan, US 33881
Atlantic Privateer, US 33881
"L'année Voile 1985/86",

Septembre "Course au Large",

Octobre "Voiles et Voiliers",

28 septembre,
WHITBREAD Race: dnc - 1 - ? - ? = DNC/15, rating IOR: 69.4',
1e étape, Porsmouth-Cape Town: DNC/15
Arrive à Cap Town au moteur suite à un dématage
4 décembre, 2e étape, Cape Town-Auckland, 1er temps réel: ?e/??

1986 Janvier "Course au Large",

January, Auckland, picture from Facebook 2021,

15 février, 3e étape, Auckland-Punta Del Este, 3e temps réel 25j00h50': 9e/14
9 avril, 4e étape, Punta Del Este-Portsmouth, 5e temps réel 32j01h55': ?e/?? en 31j22h05' temps compensé
Privateer, US 33881
"Sydney-Hobart Official Programme",

26 Decembre, Sydney Hobart: 57e/106 elapsed time 3d03h35', TCF 1.0524, P. KUTTEL

1988 Février "Voiles et Voiliers",

Manchester 96, ? ????
Septembre "Voiles et Voiliers",

Liverpool Entreprise, ? ????, Race Number 21
2 septembre,
WHITBREAD Race: ? - 16 - 14 - 14 - 17 - ? = 15e/23 overall, 14e/15 Classe A en 151j04h52', rating IOR: 69.5',
1e étape, Solent-Punta Del Este: ?e/23
28 octobre, 2e étape, Punta Del Este-Freemantle: 16e/23 en ?' réel
23 décembre, 3e étape, Freemantle-Auckland: 14e/23 en ?' réel

1990 4 février, 4e étape, Auckland-Punta Del Este: 14e/23 en 26j02h56' réel
17 mars, 5e étape, Punta Del Este-Fort Lauderdale: 17e/22 en 26j01h36' réel
5 mai, 6e étape, Fort Lauderdale-Southampton: ?e/22 en ?' réel

Ech Surveyor, K
End of July, Brent Walker Cup, Brighton-Puerto Sherry: ?e/4 Division A

1992 Juillet "Régate",

Esprit de Normandie, F

2003 New danish owners and new name,
????, ?

2009 Was nabbed in for being used to smuggle hashish.

2011 24 November, "Hello, I know where is the yacht Atlantic Privateer 85-86. I am the owner and wants to sell it cheaply (same hull)"
For Sale,

2015 2 Comments from Sailing Anarchy Forum: "Atlantic Privateer from the 1989-90 race was bought by Danish drug dealers in St. Nazaire, france in 2003. They then sailed it to Moroccan waters where they loaded it with 13 tonnes of Marijuana. From there on back to Denmark. I dont think Atlantic Privateer is in Denmark any more".
"On the Atlantic Privateer, I have a thin lead towards Poland, there was some polish involvement in the drug bust and I believe she is owned by a polish person. Could possibly by in Poland. Another intel has that she was seized by Danish authorities after the drug bust, either destroyed or still kept in shed as evidence from the legal trail. I would love to get more info on this one, anyone with connection within the Danish DEA?"

From Facebook 2021: "There is a great FB page called IOR Landfills, and we grabbed this interesting and sad story…:
I was the project manager for Atlantic Privateer 1983-1986, negotiated and signed design contract with Bruce Farr (was the first Maxi he designed) and managed the build with Bobby and Eric Bongers in Cape Town. In 1983/4 I signed a sponsorship contract with Apple on behalf of owner, Padda Kuttel, after having met Steven Jobs and then John Scully in Cupertino and subsequently she was launched as Apple Mackintosh.
Having won the South Atlantic race, we still lost that sponsorship (long story) and after winning the Seahorse Maxi Series 1985 as well as handicap class win in the Fastnet race where we lost line honours by half a boat length.
I managed later to find another sponsorship with a company called Portatan, which was the name with which we started the WRTWR, . Portatan sponsorship was lost after 1st leg (another long story) and we continued to race as Atlantic Privateer. I still have laminate samples. pictures of build, launch, WRTWR 1985/86 with the boat and probably a pile of drawings too. Sad to see her condition now. Regards,
Ludde Ingvall"

2021 October, comment and pictures from Facebook "Atlantic Privateer in Darlowo today. Unfortunately, the yacht's side was seriously damaged - probably bad technology of renovation and bad materials. There is a group of people who are fighting for this beautiful yacht to go on a cruise again. Best regards from Darlowo. Sorry for my English but I write with a translator."