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W21 America Challenge, USA 11
à jour au: 2019
1997 plan Andrew, construit par le chantier Goetz, USA, LOA 19.6 m, LWL 17.2 m, Beam 5.25m, Draft 3.75 m, Displacement 13,500 Kg, Ballast 6,880 Kg

1997 Juin, mise à l'eau, Owned by Dr Neil Barth
Bateau d'entrainement et liévre: Yamaha
Octobre "Yachting World",

Octobre "Voiles et Voiliers", article avec tous les inscrits -
"Seahorse", full article with entrants list,

21 septembre,
Whitbread Round The World race: DNF/10, Ross FIELD
November "Seahorse",

Etape 1, Southampton-Le Cap: 7,
Etape 2, Le Cap-Fremantle: DNS, ne repart pas faute de budget. D'aprés Halvard Mabire, le navigateur de l'étape, le bateau avait une bonne vitesse, mais manquait de recherche sur les voiles fautes d'argent.

December "Seahorse",

2010 From Daily Sail: Based in Newport Beach, CA. Owned by Dr Neil Barth

Challenger, GBR 301
Vu sur le site de Spartan Ocean Racing: "Challenger is a modified Whitbread 60 Round the World Race boat. She was initially intended to compete in the 1997 edition of the race but when funding issues put paid to the America's Challenge campaign in Cape Town the boat returned to California and went into long term storage only occasionally venturing out onto the race course for the Newport - Ensenada Race and a couple of Transpac's. During this time however a lot of interesting modifications were made to adapt the already sleek Alan Andrews design towards short handed racing. The result is a blistering fast W60 with all the manners of an Open 60. Her unique history has rendered Challenger the lowest mileage Volvo 60 in the world with possibly the most up to date technical set up of any vessel in her class. She is in excellent condition inside and out and able to easily show her best even to inexperienced crew who can quickly and easily get the hang of roller furling headsails, split backstay system, and asymmetric bowsprit run spinnakers. Challenger Refit 2015/16: Ahead of the 2016 season Challenger is being given an extensive refit to ensure she is at her best. She arrived into Nova Scotia in September 2015 after her delivery round from California and immediately went to the boat yard where she had her hull repaired and a new coat of antifoul applied. We then had a tent erected over the boat and began repainting the entire deck. This includes repainting the bow of the boat into her Spartan fleet colour of orange, Charger will be Blue and eventually Hellcat Red. We will be rebranding the the hull of Challenger with a vinyl wrap when we go South in February- it is difficult to get a wrap onto the boat reliably in the cold conditions present at this time of the year here in Nova Scotia so to ensure a successful job we will wait until we are under the warmth of the Caribbean sun. As well as the big items that are obvious to all we wanted to take the time to swap out or overhaul all those elements onboard that take a lot of punishment in voyaging and racing and start to show cosmetic and mechanical wear over time. New sails for this year's Caribbean season are a new Code 0, A2, A3 and Mainsail that leaves only our J2 and J4 which are not brand new and they only have 6000Nm on them."

2016 22 février, RORC Caribbean 600: 3j01h49' temps réel, 28e/37 CSA, Chris STANMORE-MAJOR
22 avril, Guadeloupe to Antigua Race: 8e/13
23 avril, Round Antigua race: 9e/14
27 avril, Antigua Week: 1 - 4 - 3 - 3 - 3 - 3 - 3 - 3 = ?e/4
Juin, Newport Bermuda Race: DNF
Celebrations * 1816-2016, GBR 301
20 juillet, The Route Halifax St.Pierre Race: 3e/3 Ocean Class en 47h35' temps réel
Challenger, GBR 301
6 novembre, était au départ du Vendée Globe au Sables d'Olonne en France
26 novembre, RORC Transatlantic Race, Lanzarote-Grenade, elapsed time 17j03h12': 8e/10 IRC, handicap: 1,374

2017 20 février, RORC Caribbean 600: en 4j01h22' temps réel, 51e/60 IRC, Coeff: 1,371, Chris STANMORE-MAJOR
3 mars, 37th St Maarten Heineken Regatta: dne - 3 - dne - dne = 4e/5 Ocean Racing
1er mai, Antigua Sailing Week: 6 - 7 - 7 - 7 - 7 - 6 - 7 - 6 = 7e/7 CSA 1
12 mai, Antigua to Bermuda Race: 12e/17 CSA 1
6 aout, Rolex Fastnet Race: temps réel 4j12h39', 282e/311 IRC ttc, Handicap: 1,371,
25 novembre, RORC Transatlantic Race, Lanzarote-Granada: temps réel 20j15h17', 16e/18 IRC ttc

2018 19 février, RORC Caribbean 600: 28e/57 IRC en 3j11h45' temps réel, IRC: 1.369, Chris STANMORE-MAJOR
27 avril, Antigua Sailing Week: DNS
9 mai, Antigua Bermuda Race, 935 NM, elapsed time 6d19h35': 8e/8 CSA
26 juin, The Route Halifax St.Pierre Race: DNS

2019 18 février, Caribbean 600: 39e/52 IRC en 2j22h41', coef IRC: 1,369, Chris STANMORE-MAJOR
4 mars, St. Maarten Heineken Regatta: 5 - 3 - 5 - 5 = 5e/5, coef: 1.205 asy 90%
8 mai, Antigua Bermuda Race: 10e/10 IRC
3 aout, Fastnet Race, elapsed time 3d18h04': 248e/334 IRC Overall, handicap: 1,369
11 aout, Cowes Week: 10e/11 IRC 0
19 octobre, Middle Sea race: DNS/98 IRC