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W05 Tokyo 2, J ?
à jour au: avril 2021
1993 plan Swarbick

1992 Bateau construit pour faire des essais architecturaux sortant des Farr.
Bateau pas retenu.

1993 August "Yachting World",

Volkswagen Sailability, ??
26 décembre, Sydney-Hobart: ?e/235, Roger MACKENZIE

1995 March "Yachting World",

1996 September "Yachting World",

23 octobre, Hong Kong Challenge, bateau rejeté!
December "Yachting World",

1997 Aurait été racheté par Elle Racing, Australie!?

Symphony, BEL
Aout "Seahorse",

Zest of Belgium, BEL 1
Cowes-Dinard: 52e/??, Coeff: 1,406. Peter HOPPS

2006 Cervantes Trophy: DNF. Peter HOPPS
De Gownbol Trophy: DNF
Tour de l'Ile de Wight: 20e/24 IRC 0. Coeff: 1,403
Tour de Grande Bretacne: DNS. Marcelle VonWendland

2007 Janvier "Seahorse", A Vendre -For Sale, Zest W60, formely Tokyo, Swarbrick design, full inventory and a low low price. Cowes. photo dans Seahorse 323.
Zest Hexe, AUT
1-4 mars, St. Maarten Heineken Regatta: ?e/??, Johannes SCHWARZ
Tokio 2, AUT 2697
9 juin, Tokio had to cancel the race, All yachts participating in the HSH Nordbank blue race have reached Newport by now - all except one: The Fickel Racing Sailing team, who had announced to sail the HSH Nordbank blue race with the V.O. 60 yacht TOKIO 2, has cancelled its entry. “We feel very sorry because we would have been the first Austrian boat with a fantastic crew challenging the Northern Atlantic race,“ said skipper Horst Fickel.
23 juin, HSH Nordbank Blue Transat Race : DNS, Horst FICKEL
10 octobre, Barcolana: 71e/1830, 16e catégorie M. S. HOLZNER THOMAS

2009 A Vendre - For Sale, 1993 Volvo Ocean 60, EUR 185,000. Located in Almerimar, Spain. TOKIO II, a Volvo Ocean 60 Class racer, was designed by John Swarbrick for Chris Dickson´s racing team and was built 1993 in New Zealand. Swarbrick`s new ideas and revolutionary construction drawings of his TOKIO II caused a great sensation and a lot of discussion in the sailing world.

Tokio 2, FIN 1
1 juillet, AF Offshore Race, 353 NM: 17e/25 SRSA, Tom STORE

2013 30 juin, Gotland Runt, 354 NM: 39e/40 SRS A

2015 1er mars, Helsinski Tallin Race: 2e/??
Picture from race website,

2016 juin Alandia Surrsaari Race: 9e/17 ORC 1
7 juillet, AF Offshore Race, 352 NM: 3e/3 SRS Big Boat
Picture from race website,

19 aout, HTb: 21e/24 Iso div

2017 5 mai, Veneluettelo Luokittain: 1er/17 LYS 1, Ville VOLTTI
9 juin, Alandia Surrsaari Race: 10e/17 LYS 1
2 July, AF Offshore Race: 5e/8 SRS Big Boat
Picture from race website,

6 aout, Rolex Fastnet Race: temps réel 3j10h45', 171e/311 IRC ttc, Handicap: 1,386, Risto SAARNI
5 octobre, Tokio 2 back for unfinished business in Legends Race 2018

21 juin, Legend Race, Gothenburg-The Hague: 7e/13 en 2j23h15' corrected time, 4e/6 VOR 60

2019 Avril "Seahorse", For Sale 1993 Whitbread 60 - TOKIO II. 100000 EUR. Located in Helsinki, Finland. Built for the 1993/4 Whitbread race - she is a yacht with a rich history. In her current ownership, she has been based out of Helsinki and used as a successful charter business. She also competed in the Volvo Legends Race in 2018. She has benefited from ongoing refits and preventative maintenance. It is now time for her next chapter.
1 juillet, AF Offshore Race, 350 NM': 8e/12 Big Boat
15 aout, Helsinski Tallinda Race: 13e/15 Business LYS, V. VOLLTI

2021 April "Seahorse", For Sale 1993 Whitbread 60 - TOKIO II. 75000 EUR. Located in Breskens, Netherlands. A well looked after Whitbread 60 - the one that did not go around the world. Perfect for the Ocean Globe race, charter, and adventure sailing. A very modest price and incredible bang for your buck.