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W04 Yamaha (2), USA ?
à jour au: 2017
1992 plan Farr. No293. L: 20m, l: 5,25, 13,5t. surface voiles: 417m2

Octobre "Bateaux",

November "Yachting World",

Whitbread Round The World race: 2e/14 en 120j14h55, et 1er/10 WOR 60, Ross FIELD
Etape 1, Southampton-Punta Del Este: 3e/10 W60 en 24j21h30' à 11h
Photo O. Le Carrer, Archives de la revue "Bateaux",

December "Yachting World",

Etape 2, Punta Del Este-Fremantle: 3 à 5h40 du 1er de l'étape, à 15h au général
1994 9 Janvier, Etape 3, Fremantle-Auckland: 3e/10 W60 en 13j11h08' à 3h
Départ de Freemantle, Photos Thierry Martinez, archives revue "Bateaux",

Etape 4, Auckland-Punta Del Este: 2e/10 W60 en 20j18h23' à 5h
April "Yachting World",

Etape 5, Punta Del Este-Fort Lauderdale: 1er
Etape 6, Fort Lauderdale-Southampton: 3e/10 W60 en 12j20h57' à 1h21', régulier, profite du dématage de Tokyo dans la 5e étape.
Late June "Yachts and Yachting",

June, Centenary Rally in Cowes to mark the 100th anniversary of "Yachting World", present
Juillet "Bateaux",

August "Yachting World", Article complet - Full article

New owners, from US West Coast

American Challenge,
Transpac, Long Beach - Hawai: ?e/??

1996 Janvier, devait courir Le Cap-Rio
Devait être racheté par SWEDISH MATCH pour training, mais ils ont pris Heineken!.

2017 Bateau liévre de "America Challenge" pour la Whitbread 1997-1998

2010 Info Dailysail, Based in Newport Beach, CA

2016 On Spartan Ocean Racing website: "Charger is the famous 1993 class winning Whitbread 60 'Yamaha' the boat that proved once and for all that 60ft was the definitive length for an open ocean racing boat. (Read more )
She's still as tough as nails, literally bullet-proof (she is built of Kevlar:) Yamaha/Charger has been reawakened and rebranded by Spartan Ocean Racing after a long, long sleep in the sun in Long Beach, California. She's still the same boat but like 'Challenger' she is now modified to allow greater access for our race teams to all that lovely speed without needing a full pro Volvo team to make it happen Ah! furling headsails and spinnakers- how we love thee.
Charger will go into service in February 2016 serving the West Coast of North America and Mexico, providing sailors of all skill levels the opportunity to sail, not only on a fantastic 60ft race boat but on the mother all Volvo race boats. Charger will compete in some of the West Coast's most famous race events such as the Pacific Cup, Transpac, Ensenada Race, Vic - Maui, Valarta Race & Mexorc to name but a few.
Come join us and take the wheel of a legend.

2017 February, Doit être remis à l'eau… sur la cote Ouest