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GV12 Green Time, IRL 888
à jour au: 2023
2008 plan Reichel Pugh, construit chez McConaghy Boats in China.


2007 12 décembre, Walker to skipper Green Team, Irish Volvo Ocean Race campaign finally goes public

2008 4 mai, Team Green leaves China, Ian Walker's Reichel-Pugh VO70 bound for Europe

9 juin, Green Team in the UK, Endeavour Quay is a hive of industry to get Irish Volvo Ocean Race boat sailing
20 juin, Green Team are continuing their sail training programme off the waters of Southampton as preparations for the 2008-09 race turn serious.
16 juillet, ACCBank Cork Week: de passage lors de cette régate.

27 juillet, The Green Dragon team received a rapturous ‘home town’ welcome when they docked their Volvo Open 70 in Galway this weekend.
9 aout, Out into the North Atlantic, Green Dragon VO70 sets off on her qualifier
30 aout, Green Dragon reaches Alicante
19 septembre, Green Dragon shows her new livery, Ian Walker's team reveal their finalised crew list for the Volvo Ocean Race

Green Dragon,
Alicante Port race: 3 - 6 = ?e/8
11 octobre, Volvo Ocean Race:
5e/8, Ian WALKER
1e étape, Alicante - Cap Town: 4e/8
"Course Au Large" décembre,

15 novembre, 2e étape, Cap Town - Cochin: 7e/8
13 décembre, 3e étape, Cochin - Singapour : 6e/8

2009 10 janvier, Singapour In Port Races: 4 - 5 = 5e/8
18 janvier, 4e étape, Singapour - Qingdao : 4e/8
Décembre "Course Au Large",

9 février, Régate In-shore - Qingdao : 2 - 4 = 4e/4
14 février, 5e étape, Qingdao - Rio de Janeiro: 4e
Avril, Scuttlebbutt: "Featured Brokerage 2008 McConaghy Volvo 70. EUR 2,500,000. Located in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. The Volvo VO70 "Green Dragon" is now half way round the world and has proved herself as one of the most reliable and well found VO70's. She would make an ideal starter or training boat for any syndicate considering an entry into the 2011/2012 Volvo race. She would equally suit a corporate entity looking to offer sailing experiences in what is undeniably the Formula One of yachting. As part of a package there could be an opportunity to race as a VIP with the Green Dragon Team during in port and pro am races during the remainder of the VOR 2008/09. The build cost was 5m Euros and the shore assets cost 1m Euros.
4 avril, Régate In-shore - Rio: 6e/7
12 avril, 6e étape, Rio de Janeiro - Boston: 7e/7
9 mai, Régate In-shore - Boston: 7e/7
16 mai, 7e étape, Boston - Galway: 3e/7 en 1h37'
30 mai, Régate In-shore - Galway:
6 juin, 8e étape, Galway - Goteborg/Marstrand: 3e/7
14 juin, 9e étape, Goteborg/Marstrand - Stockolm:
21 juin, Régate In-shore - Goteborg: 6 - 7 = 7e/7

25 juin, 10e étape, Stockholm-St Petersbourg: 6e/7
August "Volvo Race Magazine",

Décembre, For Sale - A Vendre, 72' McConaghy Volvo 70 Année: 2008, Prix actuel: EUR  2,500,000 Taxe non payée, Matériau de la coque: Composite Situé en Irlande. The VO 70 "Green Dragon" has just finished the Volvo Ocean Race and has proved herself as one of the most reliable and well found VO 70's. Built by McConaghy to a very high standard she would make an ideal starter or training boat for any syndicate considering an entry into the 2011/2012 Volvo race. She would equally suit a corporate entity looking to offer sailing experiences in what is undeniably the Formula One of yachting.

2011 Avril "Bateaux",

30 aout, Le VO70 irlandais Green Dragon, qui a participé à la dernière édition de la Volvo Ocean Race a été remis à l’eau ce week-end à Galway. Ses propriétaires ont voulu le vendre après le tour du monde, mais n’ont pas trouvé d’acquéreurs. Depuis deux ans le bateau reste sur le quai à Galway. Il a récemment subi un chantier en vue sa remise à l’eau. Ce dimanche le VO70 a effectué un tour de la baie de Galway et devrait partir aujourd’hui pour les Pays-Bas. Pendant les mois à venir, Green Dragon sera exposé lors de plusieurs manifestations importantes pour promouvoir la prochaine édition de la Volvo Ocean Race.
September, the boat was the standout piece at the Frankfurt Motor Show
14 october, lying in Cascais
3 novembre, Volvo Ocean Race Legends Regatta, Alicante: 8e/16, Enda O’Coineen and John Killeen

2012 24 juin, Round Ireland Race: 30e/36 IRC ttc en 3j17h01' temps réél, IRC coef: 1,659

2015 17 octobre, Middle Sea Race: en 4j14h01', 78e/102 IRC, IRC: 1.643

2016 A fait une course aux antilles sous le nom de SFS…
SFS II, FRA 1953
11 avril, 7e Voiles de Saint Barth: ?e/? Maxi 1, Lionel PEAN

30 mai, BGYB annonce son retour en Méditérrrannée
15 septembre, Thousands Islands Race, Rijeka-Porto Montenegro-Rijeka: 16 - 9 = 14e/19 ORC, Benedikt CLAUBERG, Swiss Maritime Academy
Green Dragon, IRL 888
23 octobre, Middle Sea Race: temps réel 3j04h36', 50e/95 IRC, Coeff: 1,642

2017 Propriétaire: Johannes Schwarz
3 janvier, Ireland's 2009 Green Dragon Volvo Ocean Race boat will sail again in the 2020 edition of the round-the-world-race to promote the work of a non profit organsation.
The famous Irish vessel has been rebranded as 'Mirpuri Foundation', a research body in aerospace and medical domains.
Mirpuri Foundation, ??? ????
29 janvier, départ de Mindelo, Cap Vert, Paulo MIRPURI
4 février, arrivée à La Barbade
Green Dragon, AUT 2002
20 février, RORC Caribbean 600: en 4j10h05' temps réel, 52e/60 IRC, Coeff: 1,661, Johannes SCHWARZ
3 mars, 37th St Maarten Heineken Regatta: dnc... = 5e/5 Ocean Racing
Green Dragon Back in Galway Looking for a Mast, Green Dragon. Photo by Pierce Purcell Jnr. Click on image to enlarge.
The Sino-Irish Volvo Racer Green Dragon has been having a somewhat checkered career since leaving Ireland, and though she took Transatlantic line honours in the ARC in December as the beginning of a Portuguese involvement in future Volvo Races, more recently she had the indignity of being dismasted. Fortunately there's a spare mast in her old home port of Galway, and she arrived in there yesterday to have it fitted.

Fin Avril, For Sale 2007 GREEN DRAGON Volvo 70. 390000 EUR. Located in Monfalcone, Italy. GREEN DRAGON is a fantastic Volvo 70 Class yacht, which can be used for serious racing, race charter, cruising and even as a conversion project.
11 juin, 65° Giraglia Rolex Cup: 14 - dns - ocs - dnf = 15e/16 IRC 0, Tarnacki PRZEMYSLAW
Green Dragon V70, FRA 1953
8 octobre, Barcolana, Triestre: 121e/2108, Johannes SCHWARZ

Green Dragon, AUT 2002
38th St Maarten Heineken Regatta: 2 - 1 - 1 = 1er/3 Ocean Racing 1, Johannes SCHWARZ
8 avril, Voiles de Saint-Barth: 5 - 4 - 5 - 5 - 4 = 5e/6 Maxis, handicap: 1.340 jib 149%
8 juin, Faerderseilasen: 17e/18 NOR N7, Herman WESSEL
21 juin, Legend Race, Gothenburg-The Hague: 9e/13 en 3j02h33' à 23h40'
, Johannes SCHWARZ
Autumn, "Bernard Gallay Yacht Brokage",

2019 13 octobre, Barcolana Race, 17': 17e/1??? ttc, Johannes SCHWARZ
19 octobre, Middle Sea race, elapsed time 3d23h33': 73e/98 IRC

Green Dragon, FRA 1953
24 février, RORC Caribbean 600, elapsed time 2d23h25', 40e/58 IRC
, handicap: 1,657,
4 mars, St. Maarten Heineken Regatta: 5 - 7 - 5 - dnf - 6 - 6 = 6e/8 CSA Racing 1, Rafal SAWICKI

2021 4 June, Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy, Cascais: DNF
3 July, Gotland Runt, 350 NM:
14e/91, elapsed time 35h22', Johannes SCHWARZ
Green Dragon, AUT 2002
8 August, Fastnet Race, 690 NM, elapsed time 3d18h57': 170e/269 IRC Overall, handicap 1.656, Marcus CHOLERTON-BROWN
Screenshot from RORC Departure vidéo,

2022 18 June, SSE Renewables Round Ireland Race, elapsed time 4d08h54': 35e/42 IRC, IRC 1.655, Enda O'Coineen / Conor Ferguson

Green Dragon, NED 8
8 January, RORC Transatlantique Race, Lanzarote-Grenada, elapsed time 11d04h36': 14e/16 IRC, IRC 1.655, Cathal MAHON
20 February, RORC Caribbean 600, elapsed time 2d13h55': 35e/45 IRC, handicap 1.654, Johannes SCHWARZ
22 July, Fastnet Race, 695 NM: RET/358 IRC
21 October, Rolex Middle Sea Race, 600 NM, corrected time 6d13h23': 79e/91 IRC, Benedikt CLAUBERG